Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Radiology Employee (ME!) Seeking Better Job

Taking a chance and posting my scary mug.
I got the email around noon today. The job I interviewed for last week chose, well, not me.  I felt I had a really good shot at this one. It was for the Radiology Director position in a small town. A perfect size hospital with 25 beds. Although small in size, they have PET/CT, Mammography, a Dexa scanner, 160 slice CT scanner, and of course x-ray, fluoroscopy, MRI and ultrasound machines. All the bells and whistles.

I had three perfect references that I've known personally and professionally for almost ten years: a physician, a police officer, and an ICU nurse.  I've been trained in Xray, CT Scanning, MRI Scanning, Dexa Scanning, Ultrasound (including General, OB/GYN, and Vascular studies), and PACS (Picture Archival Communication System) Administration. I can put in PICC lines and start IVs among many other skills. I don't know Mammography because men typically aren't allowed in the field. PET/CT is fairly new and I have't worked at many hospitals that even have it. I'm the TOTAL package, right?

I completed my Bachelor's degree in Science back in 2001. I've gone back to school twice, each time for two year programs, to learn more Radiology specific skills. Now I'm working on my Master's of Science in Radiologic Sciences. My friends joke that a lot of people go to school as long as I have...they're just called Doctor when they graduate. Har har. My track record should scream "I set goals and I achieve them!"

My role model and me standing next to
my CT Scanner at work.
Yet the job I want most, the one where I could lead an entire staff of Radiology employees to victory, is the one I just can't seem to land: Radiology Director.  This was my fourth attempt at a Radiology Director position and I'll keep applying. Bambino was willing to strike out to achieve his  goal...and so am I.

"In 1923, Babe Ruth broke the record for most home runs in a season. That same year, he also broke the record for highest batting average. There is a third record he broke that year that most people don't know about: In 1923, Babe Ruth struck out more times than any other player in Major League Baseball." -Simon Sinek from AskMen.com.

I seem to be caught in the age old catch-22: they want someone with experience but how do you get experience if they won't promote you to the job? I refuse to lie on my resume (in an attempt to church-up my experience) and my loyalty, perhaps unfortunately, has kept me in the same hospital system for eight years with no promotion in status. Sure, I've gone up the ranks from X-ray Tech to CT Tech to Ultrasound Tech but no merit raises. I've been at the same rate of pay since 2007.

I see people hopping from hospital to hospital in order to bump their salaries a little each time. I think that's tacky. I'd rather stay loyal and work with a great team. I'm happy to be one of the few guys in the hospital at night which therefore requires I do most of the code chest compressions.  It also allows me to be one of the few responders to security situations in our Emergency Room (fun!). Being 6'3" and 270 lbs means I don't need help moving patients on and off gurneys, which frees up staff to do other duties...but perhaps I should reevaluate my loyalty?

But there no doubt in my mind why I do what I do.

My perfect hospital (you're out there somewhere!):
  • rural, small...the farther out the better. It is in this setting that I would be most useful with my multiple modality training. Where I work now, I cover the jobs of three people. Imagine what I could do in the hinterboonies!
  • snowy climate. I've been in Arizona for 20+ years and I miss the snow. I would love to see leaves change colors and enjoy a change in scenery. I've had enough cacti to last a lifetime.
  • trees. Big, huge trees. My perfect hospital is near lots of big, green trees and mountains. My home would be a nice homestead not too far away.  Perhaps within horse-riding distance ;-)
  • community involvement. My perfect hospital has annual events in town like car shows, fun runs, local radio show, carnival/parade events, etc.

So if any of you work in the field or know someone looking to hire, feel free to pass my name along. I'm ready for a change. I have a lot to offer and would be happy to chat on the phone, Skype, or whatever it takes.

aka The Orange Jeep Dad

For you business folks out there, come visit me on LinkedIn and see my CV:

http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ron-jones-b-s-r-t-r-arrt/19/a76/763/ and let's LINK UP!


  1. Hello Ron! I came by to return the blog visit and thank you for your comment on mine. You have a great blog. So sorry to hear about your unemployment woes. It seems to me you'd make an excellent director.

  2. @Leigh I left a comment over at your place. I figured you'd see it quicker/easier that way.

    Can't belive I hadn't found http://www.5acresandadream.com/ loooooong before now! I love it!

  3. Nice blog you have here.You will get another job,but this is a good thing you have going on here.Thumbs up!!!

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