Tuesday, February 12, 2013


PLEASE honor me with the job promotion...
Paychecks sprinkled in throughout the hospital all week last week. Some got them as early as Tuesday. The majority of our staff received them on Friday, one full week from the actual payday. Now we're told that we "should" get our next check this coming Friday. Time will tell.

We lost 40% of our ICU nursing staff due to the no-money-for-payroll debacle. A "code purple" was issued which signified a crisis and requires that all ambulances divert to other facilities until we are cleared. Our crisis was the fact that we didn't have enough staff to run the hospital. Some employees flat out quit.  Others called in sick while they tried to figure out how they were going to pay their mortgage due on the first of the month with no paycheck.

When staffing agencies were called, there was no help given. Seems we owed them money also. Things have quieted back down somewhat now. I suppose it is the calm before the (possible) storm.  A co-worker told me today that he has put out eight or nine resumes in the past week. He's not messing around. With two babies and a wife at home, he's actively searching for a more steady employer...even if it means a pay cut.

I had an interview today for what would be considered a promotion. It might be exactly what we've been hoping for: small town, small hospital, tight community.  In my alternate universe, I get the job and it comes with an increase in pay. No more night shift and a very occasional weekend (instead of every weekend on-call). I would find a nice homestead with a fair amount of land. We'd build up to having cattle, ckickens, dogs and pigs. Bills would be slashed by home schooling and small town costs of living.

But until I find out how the interview was perceived, I'm sitting idly by in this universe.



  1. Good luck hearing back from your interview. If it is what you want, I hope you get it.

  2. Good luck, hope you get positive response on interview, maybe this crisis could be a blessing.


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