Saturday, July 20, 2013

Brush Hoggin' in Paradise

Long day of playing for a sleepy Flower.
I have that old song stuck in my head...Cheeseburger in Paradise. So, why not incorporate it into my title? I spent the day clearing out waist-high brush in anticipation of our new modular home. I haven't been 100% approved yet but I'm taking the positive affirmation approach.

The team down at the home store tell me I'm definitely approved. The only thing they are working on is the interest rate and how much down payment will be required. I found a nice 4 bedroom, 2 bath sporting 2400 square feet of living space. It should be enough room for everyone...including the mother-in-law.

They tell me that it can be delivered in a week.  At first, I was hopeful that I could get it here before Wifey and the girls' arrival but now it appears that time is ticking by too fast. I'll be pulling up in front of our house in Arizona in ten days. The day after, I'll be picking up the biggest moving truck U-haul offers and parking it in front of our house.

So on to Plan B: a rental property. I was lucky enough to find a kind gentleman who is trying to sell his home. After seeing his property and telling my story, he offered to consider renting the home to us.  Two days later, he called and made the rental offer. It is $150/mo less than we currently pay and he only wants a $500 deposit. Now, mind you, every rental I have looked at locally wanted $1300 and up with an equal deposit. This was a blessing.

With almost nothing in savings, it will take every penny we have (including my entire next paycheck) just to move everyone out to Oklahoma. The following paycheck will be used to pay Mr. Renter his rental fee and deposit. It will be a long (1,000 mile) drive and we'll be near penniless...but we'll be together. That's what matters most to me right now.


Back Home Report

The little girls attended "Summer Kollege" where they rotated through different neighbors' homes and attended different "classes".  They made aprons, bags, hats, and all sorts of cool stuff. They all had a great time and Wifey taught a class on sewing.


  1. I hope you are present when they deliver your manufactured home! Sometimes the crew is not so good at putting it where you want it and facing the right direction, let alone hooking up everything properly. Please make sure you are there!

  2. I live in a large "double wide" that has four berooms and three full bathrooms. With 2400 sq feet we have plenty of room and had a screened in porch with ceiling fans and a large deck built on to it. If you need more room you could get a tripple wide.

  3. We live in a double wide and it is enough for the wife and me. I would HIGHLY recommend that your very next purchase be a concrete storm shelter. We did and it was the best thing we could have done. Just the peace of mind and the fact that my wife feels safe make it worthwhile. Just be sure to tar the outside of the shelter before you have it dropped in the hole and put it on a good gravel base. We put shelves in ours and it makes a great root cellar. Remember...a lot of tornadoes happen at night when you can't just drive out of the path. We're in our shelter on average 6-10 times a year. Had tornadoes touch down as close as 1 mile away. I had mine shipped in from TX and it was still cheaper than having it done local. Saved $1500 so do your research and shop around.

  4. I loe how things are just falling into place for you!

    1. It all hinges on the home loan approval... which makes me REAL nervous. All I can do is PRAY PRAY PRAY.

  5. Not sure I understand this correctly? So u are planning to live in the rental house in town UNTIL u can get your modular home, when u'll move into the modular home. Is this right?

    I agree w/ Sam - make sure u're present when they deliver the home. U don't want to pay them (again) to come out & get it right on the 2nd try.
    With prayers & Best wishes!

  6. Ok OJD, This is the post I was referring to. You need to blur the pictures on the bottom of the girls!


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