Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I was on Wranglerstar Radio!

Woo Hoo! How cool was that! I'm hyped up now after getting to talk to Cody over at Wranglerstar Radio. I came across a notification that he was making his first attempt at a radio show tonight and anybody was allowed to call in. Pretty trusting without a call screener, LoL. Watch out...people like me might call in!

Cody has a YouTube Channel and goes by the name Wranglerstar. If you haven't checked out his stuff yet...well, what are you waiting for?  I took a few minutes to thank Cody for all the time he has given to educate the public about living independently and with a purpose. I watched his beginning bright-eyed enthusiasm meander into "Why am I doing these videos" and emerge into the video masterpieces he now churns out at a high rate. (me=jealous!)

I captured the audio from our conversation and made it into a viewable video for my YouTube Channel but you should be able to hear his whole show on Blog Talk Radio.


It's funny, I didn't want to talk much when I first started doing YouTube videos so I did a lot of captions. One viewer actually commented "Don't be afraid to talk to us." Then I get on the phone with Cody and I can't shut up!



  1. A longtime lurker on your blog here OJD. Thank you for posting this. I checked out Wranglerstar and was surprised to recognize this family! They are good friends of my cousin and we see them every so often when they wander back into "the city" at some family events. I knew they were homesteading and approximately where, but I had no idea they had a youtube channel! It's lovely, and now that I get to see a glimpse of their homestead I am certainly a little envious.

    Glad you enjoyed your time on the radio! I'm enjoying reading about your new venture. Can't wait to see how your family likes their new setting.

    1. Hi Tara. Thanks for chiming in. Glad you found Cody's Channel. He has something special going on out there. Please comment anytime.


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