Thursday, July 4, 2013

Survival Blog is BACK UP

JWR appears to have the basic no-frills HTML up and running on the Utah server.

To get your daily fix of Survival Blog, click here:

Headline from his site:

"A DDOS ("Ping") hacker attack on SurvivalBlog began just before midnight, GMT, on July 3rd. This was obviously timed for maximum effect since the hackers assumed that the Sys-Admins at our server site would be on vacation. Thanks for your patience while we get the full site back up and running on one of our backup servers."

 Again, this is a GOOD REASON to get the ENTIRE SB database on CD for under $5!

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 Thank you, Capt Rawles, for all your hard work. And Happy Independence Day everyone!



  1. In addition to being a good reason to buy the database, the DDoS attack also is a wake-up call to those who host such sites; be just as diligent with maintaining your IT skills as you are with your preps! SB came back fairly quickly, thanks to JWR, but I'm not sure others would've been able to do so.


  2. And into the third day goes the DDoS attack on SB...

  3. I love JWR! He is the reason I found your blog!!!!


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