Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Content: Farm Critters

New Content: Farm Critters!

I need to run to town and get some gasoline for the Ford. I'm thinking about attempting to get either the go-carts or the old pickup truck running today. The girls are due to arrive in about three weeks. I want to make sure they have plenty to do when they get here or I'll hear the dreaded "I'm bored!" And heaven forbid I go ONE DAY without the smell of gasoline on my hands...

But before I run out the door, I wanted to post a new tab on the blog called Farm Critters.  I think it would be entertaining and helpful to some if I kept a log on the critters I came across at the farm. As I image the things I see, I'll also be researching each beastie. Some may prove to be beneficial while other will be thrust to the top of the black list.

One of the true treasures of the internet community is it's vast knowledge. There will be things I image that I won't have a clue as to what it is but somebody out there in the audience will undoubtedly know and post their knowledge in the comments.

I thought of this idea as I was relaxing in the new front yard hammock (Thanks Cowboy!). He found it in the barn on July 4th and hung it up. It is made of super-twine, I mean, it has to holds me. This is where I enjoyed watching a roadrunner dart about the yard looking for food. I took some pictures and that is what got me to thinking I should keep a log of the critters here.

Tonight I start a marathon work shift. I go in at 10pm (today is Saturday) and I don't leave the hospital until 5pm on Monday. Priority One is getting the family out here with me and that takes money. 'Nuff said. Git R dun!



  1. OJD,

    Down here in Texas we got Road Runners that are as big as Tyranasouras Rex Dynosours and they eat Long Horn cattle.

    If you hunt them Road Runners down here you gotta use at least a Barret M82A1 .50 cal rifle with extra magazines.

    Tex Texan

  2. They run too fast, not enough meat on the bone.

    1. Haha. Every time I see one I think of Wiley Coyote chasing behind on an Acme rocket.

  3. Yes, I love those cartoons. Although, I can't help root for the coyote sometimes. . .

  4. Hey Orange Jeep Dad,

    I am reading with great interest your adventure into becoming self-sufficient for the betterment of your family. They will have a much better future thanks to your efforts, and it will keep them grounded and give them the thing most kids are lacking nowadays...common sense. Let me offer you a bit of advice that you will find most helpful. I am an operations director for a scrap yard, and a prepper. I see you are looking to revive the family farm, and that is going to take implements, and lots of them. That Ford tractor is going to need a two bottom plow, a disc, a culti-packer, a planter, and a back blade and buzz saw would also go nicely with that brush hog you have. Most scrap yards sell off their pile for about .25/lb. I got all the above attachments for my Massey 35 for just $1500. All it took was a little welding, some paint, and voila...I had a full arsenal of farming implements. I can cut boards, or firewood with the buzz-saw, and the multitude of other implements are used to put in my crops. It is a VERY cheap solution. I suggest you buddy up with your local scrap yard, and tell them what you're looking for. You might be surprised at what people scrap that is easily fixed, or sometimes even ready-to-use right off the pile. I just wanted to offer some helpful advice. The scrap yard is your friend as a prepper. You need to befriend a few in the area. Keep on're doing great!!!

  5. Oh...don't forget the post hole digger too...a must-have for putting in fenceposts!!!


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