Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Busy Day at the Orange Jeep Dad Household

Today was packed with several items of busy work. The morning started off as usual with the rushing home after my night shift in order to get some of my girls to school. Its some good quality time to chat as we ride 30 minutes to school.

The schools are having their annual AIMES testing so nobody is excited to attend school this week. However, today was a little's Macy's 12th birthday! I was happy to see a schoolmate come running up to our Jeep upon arrival yelling "Macy Macy Macy!" She was bouncing with joy and telling Macy "Happy Birthday" before she could even open the Jeep door. Of course I helped the situation by honking a few times in celebration. Macy LOVED that (insert sarcasm.)

I finally got to bed around noon-ish and was back up by 5pm. We had to take the whole family to the annual Cheer Team Banquet. I was fortunate enough to get a co-worker to cover the first few hours of my shift so I could attend (the cost of attending had been prepaid through our monthly cheer dues.)

A prompt return home following the banquet and we had a nice family celebration with Macy. She had picked out her own cake and was more than eager to open the presents she had waited ALL DAY to get. Several books and an Old Navy gift card later, all was well again...until...

Around 9pm Macy remembered she had a project due at school the very next day. This triggered another daughter to remember her project due the next day (which she had left at school). Before you know it, the house was back to normalcy with the sounds of doors slamming and feet stomping...

...and I, begrudgingly, went to work.

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