Saturday, April 16, 2011

Caching and Schnepf Farms

What a productively active day at Case de Orange Jeep Dad! I plowed through as much sheetrock as my 18 volt power tools would allow on one charge, took the family (plus two more girls) for a fun filled day at a local farm, and ended the night with a bonfire and peep-smores.

An on-going project has been trying to move our food storage from plain sight to out-of-sight. It involves cutting some drywall in strategic locations and placing our mylar bags inside a "knock-out" area. The knock-out was already being used as a ledge for the bags. Now I've placed the bags inside the to speak.

The technical school we both graduated Radiography from had a reunion/25 year anniversary today at Schnepf Farms. Along with free food, we enjoyed a train ride, roller coaster, swings, planes, and other assorted carnival-type rides. This is a working farm and we enjoyed a train ride through their numerous pastures.

Lastly, to wind down the kids and their sleepover friends, I tossed a few logs in the fire pit and lit a bonfire. Easter Peeps surfaced and before long those little marshmallow chicks were getting roasted over the fire.

Everyone had a great day today and it feels good getting back to life after working six 12 hour shifts a week for all of 2010.

Life is good.

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  1. Good to hear you got some time off and spent it well. My current 6 day a week schedule has left me so far behind and so physically drained I am just sitting around feeling kinda depressed today. I should be doing something but I just can't get motivated.


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