Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mixed Results Among Our Garden

A quick update on the garden. The corn (pictured) is coming along VERY nicely. This is from a non-hybrid seed purchased from Seed For Security as advertised on InfoWars.com.

The carrots have sprouted ONE stem in each 3x3 foot raised-bed garden box. Bummer! The potatoes haven't grown at all. I dug up one purple and one regular potato and they looked exactly like they did when I planted them two months ago. (Update: potatoes are growing like crazy now in June!)

The strawberries are withering away and turning brown. I was warned they don't do well in our Arizona sun outdoors. The kids picked/ate the first few tiny strawberries and I haven't seen any since. (Update: 4 out of 5 crowns survived, one had a "run" and created a "sister" crown so we still have five growing. Not producing much but still green in June!)

The cucumbers and squash have sprouted 3-4 stems. We planted two rows of cucumbers and one row of squash so not TOO bad...I guess. (Update: these are growing well, especially the squash in June)

The lettuce is doing amazingly well again.

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  1. Hmmm I know nothing about growing stuff in Arizona. However I would recommend you leaving a comment on Anne's site (Rambling Anne) there is a link from my blog. She knows everything there is to know about plants and until recently grew stuff out West.


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