Friday, April 22, 2011

Bartering Has Officially Started (For Our Family)

We were officially asked to barter tonight. After a very informative "Date Night" event, we stayed and talked with some neighbors. Turns out they have an abundance of pasta and toothpaste. We mentioned how we were swimming in deoderant and they offered to trade. Great!

I've read for a while how helpful bartering would become in our coming "great recession" but I guess I just wasn't quite thinking about putting it into action yet. We were stocking up on just about ANYTHING we could get for free for a while but recently we've only been going after the things we KNOW we'll use.

I was getting pretty addicted to "wagging" (shopping at Walgreens) a few years ago and attained a large stockpile of stuff for pennies. For example, I have a good amount of Resveratrol and assorted medicines that I'll probably never use. I'm pretty sure, based on CraigsList and eBay sales queries, that someone somewhere will want it and I can trade.

So I think we'll go back to stockpiling things that are near free, even if we don't plan to use them ourselves. You never know who might need it or what other uses you might find for it.

I remember reading Kellen Bishop's blog where she figured out how to use her alcohol-based hand sanitizer for multiple uses, including fire starting and acne fighter.

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  1. I stock up alcohol since I never touch the stuff myself it isn't something I feel maybe useful personally down the road.


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