Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eating Healthy...well, healthier...

Now that Wifey and I have started back to the gym, I need to start eating a little better.  I'm slowly getting back into the morning protein drink routine.

On the right is a picture of my slow ease back into protein consumption.  I think the Whey is from Walmart.  I've had the flax around for a while, it may even be inert by now but I added it into the mix anyway.

A little bit of honey to sweeten the mix and it wasn't too bad.  I'm working on moving away from two large meals a day and back into three reasonable meals with healthy snacks in the middle.  I know a Best Buy promotional code that can get you a good blender to mix the protein.

Any recommendations on good tasting protein powder is welcome although, I'll have to admit, most of the time I buy based on cost (hence the Walmart protein).



  1. If I tried blending something in the morning I would more than likely get my hand blended. I just don't wake up perky enough for complex activities.

  2. @PP Ha. For me, there's a laziness factor. being able to throw everything in a blender and push a button means less cooking time for me.

  3. Man, that sounds pretty nasty. How about some bacon and eggs!

  4. @Arsenius I do the B&E more than I should. Trying to cut down on the fat intake. I seem to be accumulating more and more around my midsection every year.


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