Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Puts my squash to shame...

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Stopped in at my local fav Farmers Market today for some apples and other juicables.  Laying in the pile of Butternut Squash was this monster.

Thinking my own B. squash skills had been put to shame, the owner told me this was a Banana Squash and it was average size for that species.

Wow. I couldn't resist sending a pic to Wifey.


  1. That would make one heck of a squash casserole.

  2. Hubbard is another heifer as these old style rather funky squash average about 40 pounds plus. Very tasty.. and thankfully a smaller variety (Baby Hubbard) is comparable. Banana squash.. oh yum. I hope you grabbed one! They are quite tasty!! (And an open pollinated strain.. but long vines so make sure you have the room!)

    Love squash... looove squash.. butter and brown sugar.. butternut sage ravioli.. oh gawd I'm hungry now.

    They take up a lot of room. I wanted to put in a massive squash patch this year (irony.. that would be the only plants not decimated by bugs this year.)

    Squash get better with storage. Tromboncino rampicante is one that can be trellised.. good eating at immature stage (like zucchini) and also produces a lovely winter keeper when allowed to mature. On a trellis these long fiends grow nice and straight.. making storage much easier. A lot of "neck" meat.. the seed cavity is at the bulbous end. Open pollinated strain (c. moschata).. careful as it will cross with butternut.


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