Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Homemade Hamburger Beef Jerky

My Nesco dehydrator and jerky.
I made another batch of delicious jerky this past evening.  This time I used a different jerky gun adapter.  This adapter makes one big wide strip while the last one I used made two smaller strips.

I can say that the smaller dual strip adapter is what I will use from now on.  It makes no difference in the taste of course, but I noticed a big difference in space management on the dehydrator racks.  The dual adapter allows me to put more jerky per rack.

The fragrance wafting off this jerky was so wonderful that Wifey had a daughter blow out our fragrance candle so we could enjoy the jerky smell.

This is all part of the Nesco jerky kit found on Amazon.  I highly recommend it if you haven't already figured out your own recipe.



  1. I wish I had Smell-o-vision for your post.

  2. The Nesco jerky mixes are mega-loaded with nitrates (yes, your body requires and gets nitrates from plant, water and other sources naturally, but not in concentrated doses),as found in meat preservatives. As a healthier version for jerky, try adding teriyaki sauce or soy sauce, liquid smoke in very small drizzles, and any other spices you really like into the meat mixture, making your own concoction, and keep it wrapped in a ziplock in the fridge.


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