Thursday, September 8, 2011

Power Outage and Gridlock in California

Just three short weeks before our annual trip to Disneyland and nearby San Diego goes dark.  Reportedly, two main incoming power lines that supply southern California have been "severed".

Of course, no mention of HOW they severed.  Surely wouldn't be terror related.  Meanwhile, massive gridlock cripled the city and has spurred me to pack an emergency pack for our stay in Anaheim.

I'm thinking some emergency candles, coleman stove, first aid and rations should do.


  1. Do they still have that rollercoaster that runs in the dark inside space mountain? Hope the power doesn’t go off when you and your family are riding that thing.

  2. Time to fire up the generator. We lose power up here in the mountains so frequently it's a non-event. One day, I'll come home from going somewhere, and all the lights won't be flashing on the electrical equipment. The shock will kill me.

  3. You're coming out to my neck of the "woods"! I live about 15 miles from Anaheim. Don't you just love our gridlock and smog? hehehe There was a power outage in Burbank as well. About 20 miles north-west of where I live just a few days ago.

  4. @DD Yup, Space Mountain has the roller coaster in the dark. I hate that one. Nothing like getting jerked around in total darkness. I constantly mumble "Ow, my pancreas."

    @Arsenius At least you're prepared.

    @AJK Wifey is envious of your ability to buy California resident Disneyland tickets. Seems like they are always going on sale for you guys. I'm guessing the locals don't go as often since it is right around the corner?


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