Thursday, September 22, 2011

Protect Your Investment - CDN Freezer Alarm $8

Bought the CDN Audio Visual Freezer Alarm for our backup freezer.  When we had an addition added on to the back of our home, the electrical part must not have been done up to code because every now and then we trip a breaker.  I think it is when we run the air conditioner in the additional room AND use the treadmill.  Problem is, the outlets that it trips also run the standup freezer where all our backup frozen meat is store.

The other day, it tripped and Wifey figured it out about 24 hours later.  Let's just say there was some blood running down the inside of the freezer door thanks to the thawing.  I have had the freezer alarm on my Amazon Want List for a while as a redundancy check.  After this incident, and the fact that it was only $8, I went ahead and purchased it.

It is a very simple mechanism.  Powered by two AA batteries.  You simply stick it near the hinge side of the door on the outside and run a cable sensor inside the freezer.  Give the gizmo 20 minutes to get used to the new temperature and then turn it on.  It will let out a shrill alarm sound when the inside sensor raises in temperature.

Peace of mind for $8.  Gotta love that!



  1. That sounds like a good product. Does running the sensor inside create a leak through the gasket?

  2. That's something I mean to have. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. @Dizzy Nope, No leak. It's a real tiny wire. I have too much frost at the moment to run the line all the way back to the center of the freezer like the instructions recommend. I have it wrapped around the racks in the door. So, it goes off if I leave the door open more than 30 seconds but at least it lets me know it is working. When I can defrost the freezer, I'll relocate the sensor. Def worth the $8 at Amazon.

  4. We've tried two other alarms and they were too quiet - could you tell me how loud this alarm is?

    1. I cannot tell you how loud it is in decibels but I can tell you that I heard the alarm from other rooms. I would ask my wife what that noise was and then she would remind me it was the freezer alarm. My kids are leaving it open after getting popsicles all the time. It's worth the money.

  5. 55 bucks on Amazon now. Inflation, huh ?


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