Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Fellow Blogger Gone

Went to check out and the blog is gone. Anyone know why? I'm getting concerned that fellow bloggers that don't agree with current administrations are disappearing. Or did they go join John Galt?

Anyone know? That was Matt's site, right?


  1. He said something last week about switching from Blogger. I noticed he was gone, too, but I'm thinking he'll probably reappear on WordPress.

  2. Dropped him a line this am. I know some are jumping to WordPress due to Google's new policy's.

  3. I am sure he will pop up over there. I've actually been thinking about going over to wordpress myself.

  4. The Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! :)

    Before any of you run over to WordPress (it's fine if you do anyway) consider this:

    There are several apps you can put on your Firefox browser to "tame" the Google info-beast and it does block their trackers, but this information "cold war" where each side tries to one up the other is getting old.

    I have an unused Word Press account set up, but end the end, all it would take is a little leaning by the FEDS, and they will cave, coughing up all your statistics. Either that or they get bought out by Google or Microsoft, etc, like Blogger got bought out and you're suddenly BACK IN THE SAME POSITION YOU'RE IN NOW. All that work setting up a new blog on WordPress for little or now real reward.

    It seems more and more pointless to me. With a little consideration to what I've posted above, you can still (in my opinion for the time being) still hang out here on Blogger and not sweat things too much.

    Now, as for me, I'm just feeling the need to lay low. I've gotten to the point where I'm more comfortable running silent. Will I have another blog, I'd like to someday. Will I? I don't know.

    Rest assured though, I'm still around lurking .... and watching.

  5. Whew, good. Seems more and more bloggers are going Galt. I just might take the time to investigate the Swedish server that Rawles switched to and consider plopping my stuff over there. I can just see having years of personal writings wiped clean in five minutes by the powers-that-be.

    Thanks for stopping by Matt...and everyone else!

    (creeps back into shadows...)


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