Monday, February 13, 2012

Liebster Attempt & Malware Notice

Started on giving out the Liebster awards and ran into THIS on my way to HogLogFrog:

(clicking on the image should make it larger for you to read)

I'm using Google Chrome this morning only because that is the browser my girls left open from last night's marathon music video watching.  I'm sure it's a bug of some type and not really NewLifeOnaHomestead pushing malware.  I'll investigate it more after I run the girls to school.


  1. Wow! Odd. I don't know what info from NLOAH is on my page--I don't remember linking to her lately. When I tried to open my own site from my blogger dashboard (the way a follower would), I had no problem. But when I tried to open her site, I got a warning page that said it had been reported as an "attack page." Sounds like someone's hijacked her site or sent her a virus. Poor Kendra :(

    Oh! Maybe it's because I have her linked in my sidebar under "Blogs I Read."

  2. Another site I used to follow was hijacked and it filled up my dashboard. I don't understand people that do that.

  3. Kendra has updated on her FB page in the last few days....her site was hacked :/ She has two options...(a) start all over, (b) go through each individual file and try to weed out all the offending stuff. I don't envy her.

  4. I have used AVG protection for a few years, and I'd recommend this product to you all.


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