Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well, that didn't take long...

I found out today that I am out of the running for the Colorado job that I just blogged about.  I thought for sure that my phone interview had gone well and my feelings were verified when I received word that I had graduated to an on-site interview.

Then I received an email from my headhunter (job finder person)  saying that he was equally surprised to find out I had been taken out of the running for the job.  He was notified by the hospital administration that they narrowed the pool of possible candidates down to two people...and I was not one of them.

I replied to him stating this just reinforced one of my cardinal rules: don't get too worked up over something until you know it is 100% fact. I hope to teach this to my daughters as well, seeing how often they get worked up over little things.  The headhunter was equally disappointed as he states he had invested many hours into brokering the deal as well.

I dropped a quick note to my interviewer and thanked her for the opportunity. Choosing a career may not be easy, but thanking your interviewer is and it is ALWAYS a good post-interview idea.   She replied asking if she could keep my information in case one of the two finalist didn't work out.  After granting approval, I simply asked what skillset the finalists had that I did not, in order to increase my marketability.  I figured she'd say I didn't have enough management experience or something along those lines...which would have been acceptible.  But guess what she told me? 

The reason I was bumped from the running was because my headhunter asked for too much money! He requested a salary for me so high that I have no chance at all now.  Hmm. Well, on the bright side, I know it wasn't a lack of skill on my behalf and she still wanted to retain my information for future consideration.  I have to admit, I did breathe a small sigh of relief.  It is stressful when you are contemplating uprooting your whole family and moving to a community where you know absolutely nobody. New school, new church, new neighborhood, etc.

So, I'm back to focusing on my garden, family, self sufficiency, et cetera et certera.  We'll see what the next opportunity has in store for us when it comes around.


Quick shout out to DrMomi! Thanks for joining my madness ;-)


  1. Rollercoasters were fun when we were kids. Not so much now that we're older, huh. This one wasn't meant to be, OJD. But keep your eyes open for the next possibility. I would be having a heart to heart with my headhunter too. You probably already have!

  2. @HB I agree. There's a reason everything happens. I haven't talked to the Headhunter yet. The email correspondence occured late last night. My last email sent out asked the interviewer for the dollar amount my headhunter requested. Perhaps he didn't ask very much at all and the hospital just has a limited budget? We'll see if she is kind enough to spill the beans to me. THEN, I'll consider my options with said headhunter. Did I mention I've signed no contractual obligation with this headhunter?

    Anyway, thanks for the conversation. It is always nice talking with you. And between you and me, I'd rather move more North (Idaho, Wyoming, Montana) than further East towards tornado alley. I had enough of that nonsense when I lived in Oklahoma for 21 years.

  3. Haha I was going to suggest you look in Oklahoma again since I knew you had roots here, until I read that last sentence. The weather's going a little crazy everywhere these days, though. I'd love to live somewhere more rural like Montana or Idaho (or Alaska!), but I was raised in Florida. Too much snow and cold depresses me.

  4. You and the head hunter should agree on the amount you are expecting to recieve as your salery. Set a realistic range. He is working for you, not the other way around, so keep control of what he or she does.

  5. @Kris I'd like to move to the American Redoubt as well.

    @Dizzy Yes, this is my first encounter with a headhunter. I have learned lots.

    2flier I agree. I have a feeling that they may be calling me back. Time will tell. Thanks for the kind words.


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