Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Local Farmers Market - Every Thursday Night

I loaded up the family and we went to the local Farmers' Market about seven miles down the road.  It is held by a local dairy farmer to both boost local involvement and add a little extra income to the farm.

One building is used for the market. The front is a small store front where you can buy all the goods made by the dairy: milk, ice cream, cheese, etc. Another room leads off this one and that is where tables are set up for vendors to sell their goods.  I saw flavored popcorn, honey, raw fruits and veggies, knifes, cupcakes, a Girl Scout Cookie booth, a vendor selling pre-orders for fresh beef and a musician playing a fiddle with his case laid on the ground open for donations.

Outside the buiding you could buy feed for the little petting zoo they had set up.  We fed sheep and goats that you would think were starving by the way they nearly climbed out of the pen to get to your hand full of oats.  A donkey ate carrot slices from our hands.  We passed on the tractor hay ride this time around although I bet it is very relaxing.  One booth was manned by a young boy, probably twelve years old, and he sold cups of milk flavored with  different powders: raspberry, grape, coconut, vanilla...about ten flavors in all.
We let our three little girls ride the horses a few yards away from the petting zoo.  The sun was setting so I couldn't really get a good picture but they sure enjoyed the rides. We ended up buying pocket knives for Wifey and I.  Handmade spaghetti-type flavored noodles from a 20-something year old young man as his mother proudly watched from the background.  Wifey bought some kind of homemade pepper bread from another vendor.  All together, we spent about $50 and had a great evening.

Oh, we also bought smore packs (marshmellow, hershey bar and two graham crackers) for $1 each and sat around a campfire cooking them. I'd say all-in-all, we had an enjoyable evening and the girls said they'd like to go back soon.  That's a good sign.


  1. I love the fresh vegetables sold at farmers markets.

  2. Man, I need to get over to that one of these days.

  3. @Jon I thought it would be another great "free" local event to add to our "too broke to do anything" list. Of course, by the end of it all I spent just over $50. Doh!


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