Monday, March 5, 2012

Contest: The Simplicity Primer Giveaway...ArtsCow-athon!

Your Prize
With six daughters, there always seems to be a birthday looming right around the corner.  Add Mother's Day, Christmas and everything else and I'm always on the lookout for cool and unique gifts.

One of my new favorite places to go these days is ArtsCow.  I blogged about some terrific gifts I made for my girls this past Christmas and really enjoy the designing aspect of making custom gifts.  The girls and Wifey loved them too so it was a total WIN-WIN for me...and them ;-)

With the economy being the way it is (read: inflation) and budgets being stretched tight, I need to find a way to continue making/buying gifts on a limited budget. So I had an idea.

ArtsCow awards credits for referrals. If YOU sign up with my referral link, it costs you nothing (except a few minutes of your time) AND you get 1200 free prints credits & three 8"x8" photo books.

I'll get 0.5 credits per person that signs up (no purchase necessary). As the credits add up, I'll be able to purchase gifts with the credits.

My Prize.
To show my appreciation and make your efforts worthwhile, I'm giving away my gently used copy of Patrice Lewis' terrific book The Simplicity Primer.  If you haven't read her book yet, you don't know what you are missing. It is chok full of wonderful advice on simplifying your life. Visit her at her wonderful blog Rural Revolution.

So, if you're interested in helping me out, and I totally understand if you don't want to give your email address out, here's what we'll do:

1) Visit this LINK to be taken to ArtsCow and it will attach my referral link to you.

2) Enter your name and email address to create a free account. (You might need to click on a confirmation email after you sign up?)

3) Post a comment here that you signed up.

I'll wait one week and then hold a random drawing just like I did in my last Great Giveaway Contest. Everyone who posts a comment stating that they signed up will get their name put into a random name generator and I will snail mail the prize to the randomly selected winner.

Let's set the due date for the end of this contest on March 12th at midnight. That's one full week. Of course, you're welcome to sign up at any time in the future :-)


  1. I'm in bro.


  2. Wow, this contest is a terrific success :-\

    ...back to the drawing board.

  3. I signed the way, the melatonin post was a hoot! You have to have a sense of humor living with all those girls!!! I love Patrice Lewis and Rural Revolution also! Thanks..Paula (amishwoman49)

  4. @Paula Hey, thanks for signing up! I REALLY appreciate it. I'm surprised at how few people are signing up. I figured most people wouldn't mind and either use their "alternate" email for spam or set their email to automatically junk the emails from ArtsCow if they weren't interested in what they had to offer.

    I guess most people just still don't like giving out their email address. It doesn't bother me. I've had the same hotmail address for almost ten years. I find it is way easier to just divert unwanted emails to the junk bin rather than try to Unsubscribe. But that's just me.

    Again, thanks for signing up using my referral link. There are so many things I've made that are sitting in my shopping cart. I'm just waiting to either be able to afford them or get some more referral points.

  5. Congratulations to Scott! He got the Simplicity Primer from Patrice Lewis. Thanks for joining the contest.


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