Thursday, March 22, 2012

Full Rain Barrels Thanks to an Easy Setup

I love to see it rain here in the Arizona desert.  We are always in such dire need of it.  The other day it rained and I went out in the backyard to see how the gardens were doing.  While looking around, I noticed my rain barrel system was still working flawlessly.

I bought a dozen or so rain barrels (rinsed out 55 gallon used Coke barrels) and placed them on the side of my house.  The back of my roof is pitched and has two gutter drains dumping right outside the back wall of my house.  I placed a barrel directly under each drain and to my joy, had them filled in no time.

Here's a little video:


  1. Now wash that Orange Jeep, its dirty from the rain...

  2. Good job on the rain catching system and that is a nice looking garden. I thought I commented last night, but I guess I didn't.

  3. Congrats! Isn't it a satisfying feeling to be able to collect water? I am so happy with the system we installed on the barn. We always put it off because it sounded so complex and expensive. But it turned out to be simple, and we had most of the supplies on hand! How cool is that?!

  4. @Rob I laughed when your comment came to my cell phone. Mostly because you are so right. My jeep was covered after that rain. I tromped through a huge puddle at my girls' school right in front of them and their friends. The guys gave me thumbs up ;-)

    @Lamb Thanks Lamb!

    @DD Thanks DD. That garden takes a bit of work but were about to reap the rewards on the peas here any day.

    @ Amy It doesn't get any easier than just setting the barrel under the runoff spigot. Now that all my barrels are full (about 15 total), I'm ready to start using them for stuff. When it rains and my barrels are full, I feel like I'm missing out on free water by not catching any!


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