Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gear Review - Bear Gryllis Knife by Gerber


I'm not big on the shady survival shows. I like the ones where the folks in the show DON'T stay in hotels off camera but pretend to be stranded in the desert. (Cody and Dave rock, Bear...not so much. Oh, and Stroud is awesome too.)

With that said, I still ordered the Bear Grylls Survival Knife made by Gerber. I have been a big fan of Gerber every since Wifey gave me what has come to be known in our house as the "Daddy Tool." It is a multi-tool much like a swiss army knife and I couldn't imagine a life without it. You can see my favorite Gerby multi-tool at Amazon here.

Being in the market for a good long blade and seeing that this was made by Gerber, I took at peek when my deal alert system notified me that it was on sale.  Originally $80, I pick this up for around $35 with free shipping. Like most things I buy on Amazon, it arrived quickly.

As soon as I showed it to Wifey, she exclaimed that she wanted one as well. Rule #1 around our house: keep Mamma happy. So, she now has one as well.  She has actually been using hers more than I have used mine.

She is super crafty and has been on a kick lately making things out of tree branches. It started with a Harry Potter party the girls were going to a while back.  She was determined that our girls would have their own magic wands to sport at the party.  She ripped down a branch from a tree in front of our house and used her BG knife to begin whittling away the nubs and bark. It filleted through that bark like butta (you know, butter...too much Cake Boss).

I like to buy things with multiple uses and this knife has several. 
  • It comes complete with a whistle tied to the end of a lanyard on the handle. 
  • A built-in sharpening stone on the backside of the sheath.
  • Two holes near the handle for creating a make-shift spear (stake not included).
  • A flint rod to start fires
  • A comfortable rubberized handle (no wrapping the handle in paracord for comfort).
  • Velcro straps to keep the knife securely in the sheath.
  • Knurled striking surface butt cap
  • Saw ground back blade
Not to mention I happen to think it looks pretty cool.  I recommend the knife as part of a survival kit and might possibly pick up the folding blade as well.  The rubberized grip feels terrific and the weight feels even enough that I've tried throwing it.  Emphasize the word: tried.  Anyway, I love the knife and so does Wifey. You should check it out.



  1. Nice knife, now you are prepared. Of course a large bore hand gun or rifle would also help, but a good knife is more important.

  2. That is a nice knife. Thanks for sharing


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