Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Deal Alert: Wonderwash Hand Crank Alternative to Washing Machine $42.95

Perfect for when you don't have an electric
washer OR if you have limited access to one.

If your power goes out for whatever reason (snow, heat wave, TEOTWAKI), you're gonna have to figure out how to wash your clothes without your handy electric washing machine.

That's where the Wonderwash comes in. Highly recommended on Amazon for ease of use or portability. It has been on my wish list for about two years.

I received a deal alert just now. It is on sale for $42.95 + shipping which puts it around $50. If you buy two, like I did, shipping is free and the total for two is $85. Compare that to Amazon selling them for $59.

Research at Camel shows the historical low for this item was $38 but that was back in 2009. It also has a high price of $66. This deal at $42.95 is the best we'll see for a while. Get it while you can.

Live in an apartment with limited access to washing machines? Wonderwash.
Live in the hinterboonies with no electricity? Wonderwash.


  1. I used to have on of these,I was not at all impressed with it.It didn't get the clothes clean, and it broke easily.You'd be better of with a scrub board.

  2. @Anon Thanks for your input. I've been researching these for a few years. Based on customer comments, and there are always negative ones, a majority have positive. I won't be using it for every day wash. Might not ever use at all...but it's something to back up my electric washer (redundancy plan). I can always back these up with wash boards :-)

  3. I bought two of these several years ago for the same reason as you. I tried it once before I put it in storage and it seemed to work OK. I also bought a wringer top mop bucket to go with them. The mop bucket will be used for my spin and rinse cycle.

  4. @Mamma Bear That's a good idea for rinse. I just planned on reusing the Wonderwash for the rinse cycle. I guess it could go either way.

    @Sherry Hey! Glad I'm not the only one trying this approach. Wifey rolled her eyes when I told her that I bought them. Oh well.


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