Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Friends, Fun, and Eating Donuts without Hands

Fun & Friends around the fire pit.
This past Thursday night we had the neighbors over for dinner and fun.  Our super fun neighbors have eight kids of their own.  Mix that with our six girls and there's plenty of fun to be had.

I started by making my favorite Dutch oven ribs cooked over a mesquite coal fire.  I love the smell of a burning chimney starter filled with charcoal.  I filled up our 8 qt Lodge Logic dutch oven with pork ribs and smothered them in my favorite Kraft bbq sauce and molasses.  After cooking for several hours, the meat just fell right off the bone. Mmmm!

Wifey went to work on decorations and games.  She hung donuts from strings and the kids had a game where they had to eat the donuts without using their hands.  It got REALLY difficult when someone turned the ceiling fan on...cause there were donuts hung from the blades! Laughter roared through the house!

Handmade decorations and treats galore!
A friend from work showed up with his wife and baby boy. We faded into the evening watching the girls play a dancing game (Just Dance II) on our Wii system. It was just short of hilarious watching them trying to mimic the dancers on the screen. Butts wiggling and elbows flying...what a sight!

We're blessed to have friends like these who enjoy family time more than anything else.  I had two co-workers that called off the day after St. Patrick's day because they drank themselves into such poor shape that they couldn't come to work the next day.  You can keep your green beer and coming home from a party smelling like an ashtray.  I'll take home gatherings any day of the week...and I don't need alcohol to enjoy it!

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  1. I agree with you, nothing better than families getting together for good, clean (except for the doughnut crumbs) fun and eats. Looks like a great time was had by all.


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