Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Building my Man Cave

Split my axe tonight cutting wood.
I've been working on my man cave the past week. I got two nice work benches put up and some pegboard to starting organize my tools. Feels a lot better knowing where some of my stuff is for projects. Got my vice clamp on the side of my workbench. Threw my double edge up there and was sharpening the edges with my new file. Took it out to try it out and worked like a charm. 20 minutes later I split the handle. So now I have a new project. 

Clubhouse by lantern light
I don't have enough lighting up yet and I'm enjoying this evening by Coleman lantern lights. I got one of the large bay doors open for some nice breeze. I am enjoying the heck out of this. I wish I had a full month just to work around the property. We have a gate on the fence now so no worries about Jade (our German Shepherd) running off. I added a door to the girls' clubhouse.

10 chicks + waterer & feeder = $57
Picked up ten chicks last Saturday down in the valley and hauled them up north. I have

  • Buff Orphington x 3
  • Wyandotte x 3
  • Barred Rock x4
I'm hoping that come Easter, we have a good stock of eggs to eat & decorate. I finally got to taste some free range eggs left by some friends. They were more colorful and tasteful. I'm certainly looking forward to fresh eggs.



  1. "Through my double edge....
    through??? it's" threw"...and it matters

    1. you're absolutely correct. I appreciate the comment. I can't stand misspelled words myself. In my defense, however I was using speech to text.

  2. Looks like you are really going to enjoy your new place. Glad it is working out for you and the family.

    1. Thanks DD. We're loving this colder weather too. 25 degrees when I left the house this morning for work.

  3. I have chickens. I will never go back to store-eggs again. I'm glad the new place is working out.

  4. It's great you are enjoying your new place and that you have your own little space.
    Are you cutting or splitting the wood? Not that I do either (I have my own manly men for such things) but maybe you should consider a maul for splitting.
    You got a great mix of birds there. Like Jason and Michelle, we won't go back to store bought. A couple weeks ago hubby brought home some store eggs (I'm not sure why) and we ended up scrambling them and giving them to the chickens. We won't eat them.
    You may end up liking those eggs so much you get a rooster to raise your own chickens for more eggs and meat. Wyandottes are good meat birds also.

  5. While I don't have chickens yet, I buy mine locally and you absolutely cannot beat fresh eggs! For a while, when I lived in the city, my son had a friend who had a farm, and he would bring us home dozens of multi colored eggs, blue, green, pink, brown, and they were some of the best tasting eggs we ever had! Enjoy the ManCave!

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