Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fire Got my Favorite Weapon - Double Barrel Hammerless 16 Gauge Shotgun

Wifey stumbled across this shotgun on a Facebook post earlier this year. Someone's father had passed and they were left with the task of selling his gun collection. I picked up the double barrel hammerless shotgun for $250.

I was a little apprehensive to fire it for the first time this summer. I had no idea how old it was or what kind of condition it was in. I did not know when the last time it was fired. I took it to the local gun shop but the gunsmith was not in that day. Some guys behind the counter told me it looked okay but to make sure I should have it inspected by the gunsmith.

Before I knew it, I was at the farm in Oklahoma. I found a brave family member that was willing to shoot it for the first time. After a couple of trigger squeezes,  we determined it was fine to fire.

Not only could she fire but she shot straight and true. I enjoyed the next couple of months with that shotgun and even took out a snake near the farmhouse (I can't hyperlink to previous posts like the snake encounter from my cell phone.)

I'm gonna replace this baby someday.  I saw similar ones at a gun show in Payson,  Arizona. Then I'll get Wifey the 380 she's been asking for to conceal carry. But first,  we need our own  transportation and a rental home.

Thanks to everyone who has helped so far with PayPal donations.  Blessings will befall you for your generosity and my family is eternally grateful. We have temporary housing and transportation from generous neighbors / church members. I have begun looking for a rental property today.



  1. If the barrel was not bent by the heat and you have all the metal parts maybe a gunsmith can rebuild it for you.

  2. My husband also says to take it to a gun smith, he knows a bit about firearms having built our AR's.
    EMT Tina

  3. We are so sorry for your loss, fire can be a very devastating thing. You are in our prayers.

    Steve & Kara

  4. If the solder didn't melt from the barrels and they still ring true, and if the springs in the locks are still good it might be ok? Might? Best to have it checked by a gunsmith.

  5. OJD, We have a small Prepper Store in Central Oklahoma. We learned about you from JW Rawles and followed you while you were here. What ages are the girls? We would like to try to do something for you guys.

  6. Maybe that gun shop in Alaska can fix it for seems that they can fix/repair/make anything. Wild West Guns. It might be worth the effort to give them a call. You never know...

    thoughts and prayers your way...
    jules (via Rural Rev)

  7. Thanks gang. I went and picked it up from the fire today. We'll see what can be done.

  8. Former Flag residentNovember 20, 2013 at 1:01 AM

    That shotgun may be salvageable. The wood looks like it was only scorched, and not actually burned? That could mean that the metal was never heated enough to have compromised its strength, and that most of the damage is cosmetic.

    Definitely have a gunsmith inspect it before proceeding, but if he doesn't find any damage to the frame and barrels it can probably be restored with replacement wood and a rebluing. Numrich is a good source for used parts ( and there may be collector/enthusiast forums for your gun that would have info on sources for repair parts. Who is the manufacturer, and what model?

    Repair may not be economical if replacement furniture is expensive. If it's not a gun with a lot of sentimental value, your best option may be to glue the broken stock back together, cover it with spray paint and wait for the chance to dispose of it at a "gun buy-back." Turn useless junk into cash that can go towards ammo or a usable gun, and you might find a good deal among the people looking to get rid of their guns. Not likely to have any buy-backs in northern Arizona, but the hoplophobes stage them in Phoenix occasionally, and it is 100% legal for an Arizona resident to buy a gun from another resident, no matter how butt-hurt it may make the buy-back organizers.


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