Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Next Day

I dug through the ash this morning and found Wifey's wedding ring.  She cried with joy when I presented it upon my return.  We are staying at a gracious neighbor's house for the time being.

I am meeting with our auto insurance company tomorrow.  Both vehicles are totalled.  No more Orange Jeep. I'm hoping for a quick remedy from them.  Probably shouldn't hold my breath.

Being members of a loving church makes all the difference.  The outpour of help and prayers have made it bearable.

Gotta run.  Lots to take care of.  Our PayPal account for donations is:



  1. Paypal and I don't get along...can I send a check to your church or something?

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. It may not mean much now, but, "it's just 'stuff'". I'm sure you know that. We have been flooded out, but never burned out. Have you contacted the American Red Cross? If not - do so. They can provide a check (it's all donated money for just such a reason) and you can use it for emergency clothing, they will provide a couple or so nights in a motel if you need it...etc. Ask for someone in Disaster Relief.

  3. Brother, I'm inclined to agree with grammy about not using paypal. Now, I realize you have immediate needs to tend to with your family. I'll send a check as soon as it is possible by snail mail. I too, don't use paypal.

    That said, your long term survival is also still a concern. It goes without saying that you've lost your preps. Also possibly your weapons. You need to let us know what you've lost prepper wise. Use my comment as a headline to push the issue without sounding needy.

    If this is so, please provide info on you preps and weapons needs. If so, find your favorite FFL, provide transfer details, so we can send you some extra weapons. I happen to have a some weapons with your name on them, if needed. I can also send you some rounds with mags. Perhaps your FFL will accept your donated preps as well as firearms. Stuff them in a storage container if required.

    Also, look into using them (FFL) to keep your OPSEC/COMSEC with an name of OIKD or some such with their address. Sadly, mailed checks will need a name so perhaps they will do so as well but provide an email address and we can communicate individuality. Figure it out

    Don't get bogged down with today, we will send cash to help but think about what lies ahead. Preppers throughout the nation will help you our. JW Rawles and Patrice are working on this but time might be growing short.

    Brother, you've got serious firepower behind you. God is with you and us so we need to know what you need and how to get it to you.

    I'm sure I'll have more ideas but have left them out. lol It always is that way

    Prayers to you and yours.

    From Idaho with blessings

  4. wow,

    dont know what to say, except that Im glad everyone is ok, and as someone else said, its just "stuff" you can acquire more.

    we will paypal some $$ soon as we can.
    if there is something specific that y'all need other than $$, please post it up.

  5. Hi OJ Dad,

    Firstly we are so glad that you are all alright physically. As stated above we got you on a bead and are praying up a storm. Secondly we would love to send you and the girls supplies you might be needing (jelly, house stuff,Ammo, ect) so if there is a PO box or a post office that we can send to Let us know and the flat rate boxes WILL ROLL! Check with your Renters insurance and the Red Cross should help with some temp housing. Again just let us know what you need and we'll send it out as soon as possible (Especially if there were christmas things lost that need replacing let us know!). Always remember that friends are out there.

    EMT Tina

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  7. Praying for you and your family. I too don't do paypal, if there is another address I could send some things to help get you back on your feet? Susanna

  8. Hi OJD we have just donated via PayPal. It's not a fortune but with the UK in the shape it's in we're not in great shape financially ourselves, but every bit will make a difference we hope.
    Thankfully all your family was ok, pretty much everything else is replacable.

  9. Sent a small amount. I wish there was more to give. Hang in there brother, people do care!

  10. New visitor to your blog and heard about you from SurvivalBlog...

    Sent you a message via the comments box in the PayPal payments box.

    Folks, please consider any size donation, they all add up. Maybe even not going to the movies one time and sending that money to help a family out that is starting from ?worse? than scratch.

    Also, what became of the German Shepherd and her 7 pups?

    Hang in there...

  11. Agree with Jeffg. Paypal isn't an option for me but mail is. I live in Phx and was just up north this weekend. If you have an PO box, I can send helpful items. Any specific needs? With the "three is one mindset", I (and probably many other readers) have the extra to send your way.

    So sorry man. Just when your luck turned.

  12. Just heard of your situation and praying for you and your family! Don't know you, have never heard of or read your blog before today--but would love to help. As stated in previous comments, a snail mail address would be very helpful. We may also be able to contribute some physical items, depending on what you need. Will bookmark your blog and keep an eye elsewhere hoping for an address. God be with you.

  13. So much to go through...
    I know your family is hurting, yet it seems the internet community is rallying for you.
    I know it is a Moot point now, but how did this fire start?

  14. OJD,

    Praying for you and your dear family. Thank God everyone and all the animals were out of the house.

  15. info from under Tuesday's date
    PayPal to:
    snail mail address where tangible donations can be sent is:

    Orange Jeep Dad
    2532 N. Fourth St. #230
    Flagstaff, Arizona 86004-3712
    more info at

  16. I could loan you a 1971 C20 Suburban. Let me know if you could use this in your recovery. Of course I'll need it back at some point...


    John K in North Las Vegas

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