Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Teenager's First Job - Congrats Sis! Go UPS!

Sister bleeds brown now.
She's 17 years old and wanted to get a "real" job to earn her own money. I was torn in regards to her comment as this was my oldest little girl. It didn't seem like it was time for her to join the workforce. I was tempted to tell her to stay home and focus on her grades. But I couldn't help but reflect on all the articles I've read over the past few years complaining about all the Millennials who were sitting around their parents homes playing video games and going nowhere in life.

I recognize, however, that this is a terrific learning opportunity for her. Lessons to be learned on the value of earning a dollar, the disappointment of how much comes out for taxes, being punctual, loyal and hardworking. But most of all it will start her down the path of personal finances. She'll learn how to budget and plan for the future and how quickly the money can be spent if not careful.

She wasn't too picky on where she wanted to work. She mentioned the local Sonic drive-in which, actually, is where my father got his first full-time job but I didn't like the thought of her being out late and dealing with possible drunks on late night binges. I snapped her up an application at the local ranch store...which is where I wanted her to work. I imagined having the inside scoop on sales and clearance items before the general public. Yeah, I'm selfish like that.

But a better opportunity came up. The local UPS store that we use for our post office box had an opening and I had gotten to know the owner and a lot of the employees over the past year. The employee base is made up of high school or just out of high school aged young folks. They get to dress casual and on occasion wear jeans.  They are all very friendly and act respectable.  Most of all, I like that they aren't open on Sundays.

Wifey helped her fill out the application and I double checked all the deduction stuff. She turned in her application and had an interview the next week. We role played with her a little on how to answer the common questions in an interview: "Why do you want to work here?" and "Why should we hire you?" and the ever popular "Tell us your strengths and weaknesses" question.

She was hired on the spot! Her first part time job is at the local UPS store and we're celebrating when we pick her up at 2 o'clock today by patronizing one of our favorite places: Panda Express. My little Princess is coming to the end of her high school years, working her first job and talking a lot about going to college.

Where does the time go....



  1. Good for her!! Just make sure that she doesn't like working and having an income to much at this time or she may not want to return to college. I got a summer job at Pullman-Standard after my second year for something to do on my summer vacation and to make some money to help in finishing school. Over 17 years later I quit (by that time I was working as a design engineer) to take a better job elsewhere. I was one of the lucky ones who made out well without completing my education. But that does not happen in most cases.

  2. True Dizzy. I'll keep an eye on her.

  3. That is great. Shows real initiative. Bet there is a long line of parents that would love to be in your shoes.

  4. I wish we had made our oldest get her first job while in high school. Now that she has graduated her job oppurtunites include baby sitting which doesnt pay her phone bill. For a kid that spent her first 8 yrs on a dairy farm she has zero work ethic. Making her life muserable by endless chores that she doesnt do well- on purpose doesnt seem to be motivation enough to get even pt outside employment.


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