Monday, October 20, 2014

She's the Artist, I'm the Engineer

Grizzly River Run
They say spouses should compliment each other to be successful. I'm not sure how true that is but Wifey and I tend to compliment each other with our different skill sets from time to time. Most recently, she made several hand-sewn costumes for our girls to wear at Disneyland for Halloween.

The last dress to be made was done in our hotel room...and it was left on the hotel bed to dry. Before the puffy paint could cure and harden, another unfortunate child sat on our hotel bed...which was where the wet paint was drying...and they did so wearing THEIR new outfit.

With a glass of hot water and a fistful of Q-tips, Dad comes to the rescue. In about thirty minutes, I had most of the smears wiped away and reapplied a new layer of paint. There is definitely an art to applying puffy paint which I have little experience. Nevertheless, we have a newly repaired costume that needed to be dried pronto.

But how to dry the dress with such a short time remaining?

Pinpoint heating system (and hands free!)

We're off to Mickey's Trick or Treat!



  1. You are good parents!! I had two of the best parents and I still appreciate all that they did for those many years ago. So, when your girls are grandmoms they will think back on all the good thing you and your wife did for them while they were growing up.

  2. Tragedy averted! I just finished making my granddaughter's costumes. Pictures of the girls in costume please!


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