Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tie-dyed Disneyland Family Shirts

Wifey has done these for past visits but we lost thm in our house fire. Having everyone in similar shirts makes it much easier to identify everyone in a moment's notice.

I also attempted some panoramic pictures from the viewpoint of rider's seat on a few different Disneyland rides.

Thunder Mountain Railroad panoramic photo
Pirates of the Caribbean (inside the ride) panoramic photo
ESPN Zone serves you while sitting in a recliner watching sports
And who could pass up plinking away at the old western shooting range...

Macky sporting her master plinking skills.
Today is our last day at the park. We'll be loading up the van tonight and driving back tomorrow.


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  1. Those three kids of yours in the rear with the sombreros on haven't been fed enough. You should be ashamed (grin). They are all bones. . .


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