Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Homemade Disneyland Dresses / Costumes

Here's some of the outfits that Wifey made for our Disneyland trip:

Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Frozen - Sisters Forever - sun dress
Anna from Frozen - dress
Sis & The Queen in matching shirts

aka "peasant shirt" w/ elastic neck

If you are interested in How-To's or videos on how she made these,  where she bought the materials,  etc... just leave a comment.  I keep telling Wifey that she should blog this stuff but she doesn't think anyone would be interested. 

Oddly enough,  at least half a dozen people who saw the outfits at Disneyland asked her if she sold them.  That's half dozen out of the 30+ folks who commented on the outfits. 

Headed to the pool...



  1. Holy cow, your wife is creative! She should definitly blog about her sewing talents. I read several and they are always full of good ideas, and I am sure that they sell lots of advertising. She should also get some cards printed and go into "limited release" garments for children. Ever taken a look at some of the prices on upscale childrens' wear? Take a look at Zulily or Hartstrings or NaartjiKids. You will be amazed. -Stealth Spaniel

  2. @Anon.. that's what I keep telling her! We used to shop at Old Navy for years because of how cheap the clothes were for back to school. W stopped liking their styles several years ago. We now shop DownEast Basics when our budget allows because of their modest line of clothing. Otherwise, Wifey just makes everything herself.

  3. Adorable! I read a lot of sewing blogs also. If she enjoys sewing and writing she should go for it! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the outfits.

  4. @Brenda.. There's more outfits to post as soon as I get some pics of them (and pillow cases too).

  5. Has she ever considered a craft show? These would sell out immediately. Of course, there is Etsy.


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