Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trunk or Treat - Community Building

Treats abound
It's the time of year when our church has Halloween events and one of our kids' favorites is the annual Trunk or Treat.  Basically everyone meets at the church and parks their cars in such a manner that all of the vehicles' trunks face towards each other in a big circle. 

Then we trick out the trunk space of our cars with Halloween decorations. As the event begins,  we hang out in or near our trunks as all the children do the traditional trick or treating by going car to car and saying "Trunk or Treat!" 

Face painting
We hand out candy treats until our cache runs dry and the event ends.  

This year we had an indoor festival of sorts inside the church prior to the outdoor event. There was a cake walk,  photo booths,  craft tables,  bean bag toss,  and face painting.  I  stood by with pride as I watched my three older girls take command of the face painting table. 

It was an enjoyable evening with an opportunity to mingle with like-minded neighbors and the whole family had a great time. 

The Queen and Flower

Wifey with Flower and Monster



  1. Thanks for answering my question. I drove past a church today that had a sign stating that tonight was trunk and treat night and I asked my wife what was that? Now I know.

    1. LoL. Glad to put that mystery to rest for you.

  2. OJD - there is nothing better than a great community! it looks like all of the kids had a great time!

    your friend,


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