Sunday, June 30, 2013

It Looks SO Much Better

Freshly mowed and looking oh so sweet!
A quick update before I head off to bed. I'll be working for the next two days at my new job so I'm not sure how much time I'll get to blog. Tomorrow will be an 8a-5p shift but Tuesday is my first solo 16-hour shift.

Uncle J and Auntie P came out for a visit today. Bringing along with them their riding lawn mower, a push mower, and a good sized weed eater. We spent the day mowing and trimming the entire area around the farmhouse. It looks SO much better. A path was mowed to the barn which will make it easier to spot any potential snakes. Bonus!

This also cut down on all the bazillion grasshoppers that were everywhere. Trimming around the house exposed the remaining critters that hadn't succumbed to my kamikaze pesticide spraying spree. I bet I sprayed over ten spiders on the back of the house alone. That giant bottle of pesticide was the best $5 I've spent at Walmart in a LONG time.

"Come on in Pilgrim...if you have the GUTS!"
Thanks to Auntie D and her youngins, we enjoyed hamburgers and hotdogs as we discussed the evils of this world in our own little paradise. Then we discussed bringing back chickens and horses, cattle and crops to the old family farm. It is most certainly doable and it electrifies me to think about it.

For those of you following the Ford 8N saga, we spent some time on her today. Uncle got her fired up a few times but only after injecting her with starter fluid up the air intake side of the carburetor. She never would run for more than about five seconds. I'm planning on attempting my first carburetor rebuild (kit) this Wednesday, as long as finances can afford it. I'll video my endeavor so hopefully, somebody can learn from my inevitable mistakes.

I'm hoping that is all it will take. The brush hog hooked to the back needs a crucial welding repair before I'll be able to use it. Uncle said he'll take it back to the city with him sometime and have one of his welders fix it. Then we'll be all set. There's a 35-acre field directly in front of the farmhouse that I'm dying to play with. Right now it is full of weeds.

I brought in some more of the moving boxes that were still out in my trailer. Along with the boxes, I brought in my roommate and made him at home in the kitchen.  He used to stand behind the CT Scanner at my old hospital and scare the crap out of unsuspecting patients. I always got a kick out of that.

About half a load in the Wonderwash
I quickly did some more laundry with my Wonderwash as well. I've gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with this little gizmo. It really gets the job done and doesn't take up much space or effort. I can clearly see the dirty water that I pour out AFTER a load is washed. I recommend you pick one or two up like I a part of your redundancy plan.

I opened two cabinet doors and perched the extendable tree pruner across the tops creating an impromptu clothesline. A nice box fan provided enough wind to dry the clothes in about four hours. The yellow trash bag is one week's worth of trash. I think that's quite a bit considering it is just me out here. I think I'll start burning my trash from now on. There's a burn barrel next to the barn for just such an occasion.


New Rules for the Farm

#11) When you're weed eating for the first time, pay extra close attention to what you are doing. Phone cords and ground wires can EASILY get caught up in an overpowering weed eater and jam it up. So can random ropes that are left lying around in tall grass.

#12) Just because a tractor battery is brand new doesn't mean you can crank on it all day. More like 20 minutes...which I think stinks. Either be prepared to crank less or have your charger with you.

Back Home Report

Wifey and the girls spent the day with her Dad for his birthday. Happy birthday Other Dad. Glad you could provide a swimming pool on a ridiculously hot day for the family.


  1. I have a Wonderwash machine, love it!

  2. OJD,

    on the tractor drama, I'm glad you guys tried the starter fluid. I was thinking that maybe the carb needed to be rebuilt also. Im sure there will be other problems with that tractor but it beats buying a new one.

    The best thing about that old tractor is it's simple and stupid with no computer, that's one reason why there are so many old tractors like yours still in use.

    The newer diesels (as of 2006) tractors and most all diesels have DPF's (diesel particulate filters) that clean out the exhaust (EPA garbage) they also have EGR's (exhaust gas relay) and that re-burns the exhaust gas off the turbo. Both those systems are maintenance nightmares and severly decrease fuel mileage. (Both of those systems are EPA mandated garbage)

    My advice is keep that old girl (tractor) runnin' as long as possible so you don't have to by any of this new garbage. I will say this again, if you cant get ethanol free gasoline, use stabil fuel stabilizer or "Sea Foam" same thing for boats. Theres a few other products out there. If the EPA goes to E85 Ethanol (15 percent Ethanal) on all gasoline, I may start using Stabil in my 2002 Toyota Truck after every fill up.

    tex texan

    1. Good thoughts Tex. Thanks for helping out. Found out yesterday she's a 1949 model. Flathead 4 cylinder. Same as the original Model T's, Uncle said. Found a carb kit on Amazon for about $40 so as soon as I can afford it, I'll order it.

  3. OJD, waking up to a shiny new blog post from you is like opening a present. I have been following you for a few weeks as your adventure has unfolded. Thanks for taking us along for the ride, some of us just aren't able to do what you are doing at this time. My daughter has leukemia (in remission), and when she is done with treatment in June of next year I'm hoping we can find our own patch of country. Eileen from Iowa

    1. Thanks Eileen! Your comment made it worth staying up til 1am to write it! Stay in touch.

  4. It is a wonder you got it to even cough if it was sitting that long. I would think the jets would be plugged with varnish and any gas in the bowl would be jelly.

    1. Everywhere I checked in the system had no signs of residual gas. Seemed dry as a bone. Uncle said they tried to run her dry before they left it sitting. But I do think you're on to something because it doesn't seem like the gas is going up through the manifold. I'll try a carb rebuild later this week.

  5. OJD,

    I know a few things about some of them old Ford rat rods with offenhouser heads and Strongberg Carburators.

    You could turn that tractor into a "Rat Rod" tractor with a little work and have the fastest 49' Ford Tractor in Oklahoma:)

    Then you can change your title to "Rat Rod Dad"

    Those old Fords are so easy to modify just by bolting on some parts. I got a history of making things go faster and driving fast. I'd like to next project to be a "rat rod diesel pickup"

    its a Texas oil field thing.....

  6. I am like a kid at Christmas when I see a new post by you. Thanks for keeping us "posted"!

    Family are the best aren't they? It is such a blessing you are getting to move your ladies back "home". I am fairly excited for you and anticipate sharing many joyful and exciting adventures as you rediscover your roots.

    How dry is your neck of the woods? It's green where I live but the burn ban will be on ASAP as the lower elevations are not as green. Last year a fire at a much lower elevation burned all summer and we lived with the horse trailer loaded up and the pet carriers at the ready, with the camper loaded on the truck with our important papers and some changes of clothes packed. We were one strong wind away from being burned out. My brother lives in the Black Forest neighborhood of CO and I am still unsure if his home is standing. They left and due to his health just haven't been back (the house is not near as important as his heart). Their home was spared last year, but they spent the summer living with their son, so will do the same this year.

    I guess I am getting a little paranoid about fire...

    Take care and please consider hauling that trash to work with you if they will let you.

    Blessings to you and yours,


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