Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Will You Take LESS Than We Originally Offered?

Two of the four jobs I was waiting to hear from chimed in late yesterday. Both show clear evidence that I am headed down the correct path to Oklahoma.

First, I sent a thank you email to the position three hours south of me in southern Arizona. I thanked them for allowing me to interview and they replied


Thanks you for your visit. At this point we will be offering the position to another candidate. I will keep your resume for future openings.

Take Care,


Good thing I contacted them. Who knows when they would have gotten around to notifying me. We'll see  how long it takes to reimburse my gas expense for driving down there. I won't hold my breath.  Anywho...

Second, Mrs. Headhunter (my affectionate term for Temporary Staffing Agent),  emailed me requesting a phone chat. So, I complied. Long story short, the Indians up in northern Arizona officially offered three dollars LESS per hour than originally offered. I had unofficially been offered a set amount by my potential boss, to which, I countered offered two dollars per hour higher. My dad taught me to never accept any first offer when it comes to money.

Their response? Less than the original offer! Ha! How does THAT work? Considering they were not willing to let my family stay with me on the reservation during my contract, it is pretty obvious where I'll be filing this job offer.

Wanna work swing (evening) shifts?
That boils it all down to one last offer...who still hasn't called for an in-person interview. I passed the phone interview but then declined the crummy hours. I had originally applied to the location for one of two possible night shifts (overnight). After passing the phone interview, I was told the two night shifts were filled. There was one swing shift remaining from 11:30am to 8pm, Monday through Friday. I politely declined citing that those hours were optimal family time: school pickup, homework, dinner and bed time. I will sacrifice some things for work...but not those.

Surprisingly, after politely declining that last shift, I was offered a chance to apply for management based on my "enjoyable" phone interview with the department Director (his words, not mine). I filled out the application but have yet to be called for an interview.

So, all signs are still clearly pointed to Oklahoma. Keep your arms and legs inside the Jeep at all times. This is going to be a bumpy ride.



  1. You are sure making me remeber my past job hunting experiences. I got a lot of flight time in commercial air liners and spent a lot of time in motels and rental cars. I always made sure that the prospective employer would pay the extra costs.

  2. @DD It is certainly not a fun thing to do (job hunting). I enjoyed the job I had for many, many years. I also know good things don't last forever, unfortunately. Happy Days will soon be here again... (fingers crossed).

  3. Mrs. Headhunter gets a percentage of everything her clients pay for each hour you work. I would say you were judged on equal footing with some other candidates, so she was shopping around to see who would accept the biggest cut in pay and become her chosen winner. The story about the clients lowering their offering? A complete lie.

    The client always pays much more than the amount you're earning, and is in no position to dictate what their contractors are to receive, despite the recruiter's shameless pretense. The "potential boss" should have been coached not to discuss pay with you at all. And he seems to have been under the impression you would be paid more. At one temp job, the bill for my services accidentally crossed my desk, and I saw they were paying almost TWICE what I was getting... and what I was getting didn't seem that bad!

    My advice? Mrs. Headhunter will never call on you again. Contact her client directly (yes, oh so unprofessional) and tell them what she did. They'll be pleased to know that, despite making the effort to offer good pay, their contractors are being chosen out of a pool of more desperate souls.

    At another job, we temps brazenly compared our pay rates, and found some of us were paid far less than others. They called and got raises, since the tempco didn't have time to fire and replace us. Despite how tempcos treat their temps like employees, the temps are really clients of the tempco. This one has failed miserably to vette your skills honestly. Why is making a living out of lying and manipulation never considered unprofessional? Lol.

  4. Keep the faith my friend. If you picture yourself in OK it will happen. Lowering the wage offer sounds like they may have someone who will take less pay just to get a job.

  5. Just found your blog and am enjoying it. Hope everything works out in OK. Good luck.


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