Saturday, June 15, 2013

Returning to the Flagstaff Story

Driving to Flagstaff in The Orange Jeep
So as I mentioned, there was a curveball thrown at me late the other night. Not wanting to miss a possible home run that He might be throwing me, I took a mighty swing. IF the job panned out, it would be a promotion into management and a raise in salary. It would also be in a town where we knew NOBODY and had NO family. Needless to say, I got the tilted-head skunk eye from the family as if to say "We just got excited about Oklahoma...why are you doing an interview in Flagstaff?!?" Because I leave no stone unturned, that's why.

The interview went very well...for almost two hours. The Director and I talked about the hospital, town, staff and everything related to the job. I couldn't get a feel for his take on me personally and I soon found out why.

First, he disclosed that he was raised by two deaf parents. Why does that matter? Well, that tells me that I should have been paying MUCH more attention to my mannerisms and facial expressions and less on what I was saying. He grew up interpreting conversations via facial countenances and body signs. Was I saying one thing and physically expressing another? I was pretty tired from the three hour drive up there and felt rather stiff exiting the Jeep and walking straight into the interview.

However, since I was completely honest in everything I said, I reassured myself that my body language should have (for the most part) agreed with my words. I was very impressed with the command he had on his management style and knew I could learn a lot from this man. I've seen bad management and he was one of the BEST I've seen. Heavy into psychology and had frequent team building sessions with his staff. To sum it up, I was impressed.

Second, and most surprisingly (more like jaw dropping), in the last five minutes of our time together he dropped a bombshell. "Usually I have candidates meet with a few Team Leaders and some other key staff after I interview them. They weren't all available today to meet with you so I'll give you a call in a FEW WEEKS and set up another interview. This way everyone will get to meet you and ask any questions they might have."...

Stopped to enjoy some sights...nice ride!

He did not know I'm leaving in four days for Oklahoma,  I didn't tell him. I was in shock. I thanked him for the interview and said "We'll talk again in a few weeks."  As I begin the three hour drive back to the Valley, I simply accepted the fact that Flagstaff was simply not a part of The Plan. This was proof.

So, as I'm driving the windy mountain roads, listening to my old iPod (and feeling grateful that my kids didn't want it because it's so "first generation Dad, gaw") I said to myself "It just couldn't be any more clear that I'm supposed to move to Oklahoma. First my future boss informs me by email that he's suddenly losing three Techs this month so he's glad I'm on my way and now this Flagstaff gaff." I chuckled to myself that God was telling my future boss how badly he needed me in Oklahoma.

Perfect timing for an OK plate.
Suddenly, I'm cutoff by a white Chrysler as it slides DIRECTLY in front of me. Apparently, I said "It can't be any more obvious" a little too loud because I looked down at the license plate on the Chrysler and what did I see?

An Oklahoma license plate.

I got chills on my arms and looked up to say "Are you kidding me?" Being from Oklahoma, I always notice OK license plates out here in Arizona. Most of our visitors are from back east: Michigan, Jersey, etc. A fair amount of Canadians too. Not many from Oklahoma and I CERTAINLY hadn't seen any on the way to or from Flagstaff...except for right at that exact moment.

"Okay," I said. "I get it already. Geesh!"


Next: More blessings arise while getting my enclosed trailer inspected.


  1. Yep, listen to the signs. They are given to you, all you have to do is see them, be open to them, and accept them. Just watch out for the tornadoes in Oklahoma. . .

  2. OK, being a girl, I got a little misty at the OK plates. God is good, and will guide you where He wants you. I think it is safe to say, He is pointing you to OK.

  3. @DD Wifey already stipulated that wherever we move to in Oklahoma, it HAS to have a storm shelter BEFORE she gets there.

    @Linda Yeah, the plates kinda caught my attention. I text Wifey when it happened and she shared it with Macky and The Queen. They squealed with joy... Sis ran into her room and slammed the door :-/

  4. Thanks for your site. I too live in OK.....and came across your info at SurvivalBlog. Years ago, I was going thru some old books that had belonged to my grandfather in Kansas. In one book that had been a gift to my grandpa, his friend wrote a poem that is similar to what you said about your wife. "May you live to be a thousand years, and I a thousand less one day; for I shouldn't want to be alive and hear you'd passed away." Kevin A.

  5. @Kevin That's awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Oklahoma. I left, thought I could do better.... In the End, HE brought me home. Now Hubby and I run a prepper store in Central Oklahoma and couldn't be happier. There is just no place like home. God works in funny ways sometimes and I learned a long time ago that the best way to get God to laugh is to tell Him your plans. Follow God and you will never go wrong!


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