Tuesday, September 16, 2014

10 Mini Bantams for One Silver Coin!

Three Banty sisters all crammed in the corner atop 7 chicks
Another terrific CraigsList find (in my opinion.) The ad said:

"Baby Bantam Chickens

I have seven one day old chicks but the rest of my flock is attacking the hens. Looking for good home for three hens and seven chicks. Barter or trade."

I emailed the poster and offered a pure silver coin in trade and he agreed. He also sent me home with two dozen of the eggs. Not a bad deal for one silver coin with a spot price around $19.

They are a beautiful solid black and BOY are they broody. I brought them home in a cardboard box and you can't even see the chicks. The hens won't get off of them!

I put two chicks back after my girls held them.
I read online that Bantys are terrifically broody and I'm looking to experiment with putting my Barred Rock and Wyandotte eggs in the Bantys cage.

The guy I got them from says Banty Roosters are really fiesty. He also said that the hens can be too. I have no experience with this breed.

What do you guys out there know about mini Bantys?

Of course, the girls LOVE them!



  1. If the girls like them, all is well.

  2. Bantam hens will die on the nest protecting their chicks if necessary. They are great mothers. Careful tho. If they feel threatened, go hormonal whatever, they will go Nazi Ninja on you and scratch the livin daylights out of you. Roosters have a raging Y chromosome and are not for sissies. We are having two for dinner tomorrow night after sneak attacks on me and hubby. Good luck.

  3. Replies
    1. yeah they're not exactly the best for egg production... but they're big enough to feed the kids.

  4. You guys and gals are insightful and hilarious!

  5. You will have a never ending supply of banty chicks. They will hatch out at least 3 clutches of eggs every year.

    I have an endless supply of rogue chickens (that won't stay in the chicken-pen with the layers) because we made the mistake one year of getting a rose combed bantam pair.

  6. What you have are Black cochin bantams. Bantys are good broodies.... lay about a dozen eggs then want to set and very protective when in the broody state. But not so much fun to butcher. Very small body cavity so they are a little difficult to process.


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