Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Survival Blog is Down Again SurvivalBlog.com

Update: 9/30/14 0800MST

The US IP address is up:


I can always tell when SB is down. Mostly because I visit it nightly and see it first hand. But then there's the email inquiries that I get when it happens and my blog statistics show that I'm getting some traffic from search words like "Survival Blog" and "why is survival blog down."

I've emailed Captain Rawles to ask how everything is going. Knowing that he gets hundreds of emails every day, he may or may not see my email. I can just about bet the farm he's had another DoS Attack like this one and this one.

Hang in there SB fans. He hasn't ever been down for more than a few days. Usually he gets hit on a holiday weekend and has to wait until his support staff return on Monday to fix everything. I'm sure he'll be back up soon.

My prior blog posts give helpful hints on how to access SB when it appears down.

I'll post any updates that I receive.


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