Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sis Received a Proposal!

Engraved with True Love Waits
Sis turned 17 last month and has become such a beautiful young woman. I have had plans for several years to propose to her with a Promise Ring and ask her to save herself for the night of her wedding.  I found a lovely Purity Ring on Amazon and picked it up at a great price.

It has heart shaped solitaire and is engraved with the Bible verse from Timothy 4:12 "True Love Waits."

Timothy 4:12 "True Love Waits"

For birthdays, we generally go out to eat as a family. For her birthday, I chose a local steakhouse. I kept the ring in my jeans pocket and waited until that lull time after you order, get your drinks and hungrily await for your food to arrive.

A little oversized but I can fix that
I asked her siblings if they thought it would be too much embarrassment if I dropped to a knee and presented her with the ring in the middle of the restaurant. They nodded in unison and said "Absolutely!" After a little more contemplation, I made my move to her side.

I pulled my chair up next to her and looked her in the eyes. I took a few moments to just appreciate what she has become and it warmed my heart that she has remained pure in a time when society so quickly adores teenage moms, celebrity hussies and an eroding moral fabric of young women.

As she looked my way and caught me staring she said "Uh oh. What? What are you doing?" Clearly she caught on that I was about to do something out of the ordinary. I pulled the cloth felt bag from my pocket that contained the ring.

I pulled the ring out and held it up to the light so that it sparkled just like her beautiful eyes. I then said:

Sis, you've come a long way and I'm so proud of you. You have done such a wonderful job in becoming a beautiful young woman. I bought you this promise ring and I invite you to wear it on your wedding finger.

As I slid it onto her visibly shaking hand, I continued:

I want you to promise me before God and your family that you will continue to save yourself for your wedding night. I promise to do my best to help you find your perfect soul mate and just ask that you trust me and remain patient.

She nodded in silence and stared intently at the ring on her finger as she slowly tilted it back and forth in the light as to make it glisten. We hugged and I never felt so proud.

She continues to wear it every day and cherishes it. It not only shows her how much her father loves her and believes in her but also gives her a physical excuse to show boys who get a little too...froggy.

Happy Birthday Sister...says photobombing Flower.
Whew. One down, five to go...



  1. My wife read your blog first and said what a wonderful, precious thing you did, by giving that promise ring to your daughter. She insisted that I read it, too, and let you know that she really thought you did a great thing, and I, too, after reading it, agree with her. You are a good father, for sure.

    1. share with your wife that I said thank you. You are both very kind people. God bless.

  2. If there were a "like" button, I'd click it for sure. Good job dad.


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