Sunday, September 14, 2014

Guys Day Out - Guns Galore

Me using the "lead sled" completed w/ sandbags for elevation.
It is my one year anniversary at my job this month and I felt it high time us fellas got together and did some shootin'.  A quick Google search for some "Turkey Shoot" images and I had a flyer ready to hang at work.

"1st Annual Turkey Shoot" and "Guys Day Out" were the title and subtitle. It garnered much attention upon hanging and I knew it was going to be a fun event. A day of men sharing weaponry knowledge and blasting things to smitherines.  I remembered an old wall sign: The worse day fishing is still better than the best day working. I think the same applies to shooting.

Nothing says "freedom" like proudly flying the Gadsen flag.
There were handguns and battle rifles, plinkers and war cannons. We even had a few black powder guns and a compound bow. I brought along three metal plate targets and a case of clay pigeons. A homemade "lead sled" was set up to hold rifles on a table for steady long range shooting. Now THAT is some homesteading ingenuity right thar! I thoroughly enjoyed shooting on that.

A good friend of mine shared an old Sheriff's Office shooting range that was officially abandoned but still used somewhat regularly by those "in the know." There were signs of recent activity with all the brass scattered about. Most likely, I'll end up back out there with the little ones to scavenge. They love picking up brass and I love letting them! I'm getting a hankerin' for smelting metal at home. Any excuse to build a homemade foundry and I'm in.

The Goodfellas
As with any endeavor, we made sure to leave the place in better shape than what we found it. Responsible stewardship is paramount to enjoying the outdoors and I have yet to meet a shooter (that I hang out with anyway) who doesn't agree. It's usually not even something that has to be spoken. Everyone just starts cleaning up when the ammo is gone.

 All-in-all, we had a terrific time and shot a lot of different weapons. The waffle donuts that were brought took me to a new level of sugary heaven. They will be on my next grocery run for sure.


This will probably land us on "the list..."

Already ate the chocolate covered...


  1. Wow, that sounds like great way to spend a day!! Waffle donuts? Now don't you know that sugar and gun powder don't mix? (grin)

  2. Hope you got them sighted in if they weren't already!


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