Sunday, July 17, 2011

Congratulations Blog Contest Winners!

I awoke this morning with Chloe's (my three year old) knees buried in my back. I distinctly remember hoisting her out of my bed last night and gently laying her in her toddler bed. As luck would have it, sometime during the wee hours of the morning she snuck back into my bed. Of course, being IN my bed isn't enough.  She has to have at least one elbow or knee piercing my kidney at all times.

So as I lie pondering my ability to go back to sleep, I realized it would be much more fun (and less annoying) to come sit at the computer and figure out the winners to my first blog contest.  I plugged everyone's entry into the random name generator equal to the number of times they had entered the contest. I enjoyed once more the funny comments left by many and began the selection of winners.  Thanks again to everyone who entered.  

The First Official Orange Jeep Dad Blog Contest Winners:

First Place Prize: Super Survival Pack from Seed for Security goes to....Gwenivere McCourry!

Second Place Prize: An Autographed Copy of The Simplicity Primer goes to...@SLHaynes!

Third Place Prize: Sport Berkey Water Bottle from Directive 21  goes to...Kris!

Fourth Place Prize: $10 Home Depot Gift Card goes to...mollyonviola!

I'll be sending out emails to the winners shortly. If you are a winner and didn't leave an email address with your comment, please send me an email so I can get your shipping address for you prize:  Congratulations to McCourry, @SLHaynes, Kris, and Mollyonviola and a big THANKS to everyone who participated in helping me to grow my blog. A special thanks to the Sponsors who were kind enough to offer support: Patrice Lewis @ Rural Revolution, Directive 21, and Seed for Security.

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