Monday, July 11, 2011

Time Flies

My motto for the past week.

Wow, time really flies sometimes. I've been posting daily for over three months (many times more than daily) and all of the sudden, I look at my blog and I haven't posted anything in three days!
I should've planned that better but the problem is...I didn't plan at all! Starting last Friday, I stayed busy with several projects around the house:
  • added more shelves in Wifey's craft room.
  • added more shelving in my garage (more tools have a home now).
  • did some church service Sunday after church (amazing how good that feels).
  • made the trek to Ikea again (looking for more home improvement ideas).
  • and the usual mundane stuff: haircut, gasin' up the cars, yardwork, etc
So, time to start firing up some blog posts. I have at least three days worth of blog reading to do from all the blogs I have subscribed. 

Don't forget there's a few days left in our contest so if you haven't clicked "Follow" or "Like" yet, don't miss out! There's some terrific prizes up for grabs.

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