Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Writer's Block...Is This Trendy?

My QWERTY's broken.
This whole debt ceiling thing reminds me of the American animated sitcom called Doug.  Like a Dallas Cowboys quarterback, John Boehner (which will always pronounce in my head like Boner) is leading the pack in Congress like it's the fourth quarter with seconds to go against the Philadelphia Eagles (or was it the Baltimore Ravens?).  He has a point to make and not even the newly available Kristin Cavallari can distract him from his plan.

Tonight during his Obama speech, President Obama didn't mention the NFL or the latest trading of NTFL stocks (although that would have been WAY more interesting) but he did read from his teleprompter smoother than George Carlin trying to sell his "stuff" on BIDU.  He wishes his words were as anticipated as much as the NFL lockout news but his small screen performance pales in comparison to the anticipation of Gina Carano's big screen debut. 

I know, I know. This doesn't make any sense. This is a writing exercise that I use when I come across writer's block.  It seems silly but it helps to unfocus from what I WANT to write about and refocus on something completely different than my usual topics.  On occasion, when I'm having a really hard time focusing on my writing, I'll pick random words and attempt to connect them (loosely, in this case) into a story line.  This particular set of bold words are from the Google top Trends for today. 

Google Trends lists the top 20 most searched words or phrases for the day and it makes for a nice list of random words for this exercise.  So when you want to blog but just can't quite get the words to roll off your fingers (I'm making a typing gesture with my fingers, you just can't see it), consider this exercise as a way to get you blogging again. Who knows, you might even learn something...like Gina Carano was an MMA fighter who got the bejeezus kicked out of her by another female MMA fighter nicknamed the "Cyborg".  Ok...that tidbit will NEVER come in handy...but at least my fingers are moving!

What do you do for writer's block?



  1. Oh great one. what a topic you have discussed in this post. Really thank you.
    - Bladder cancer

  2. For me, it's reading good blogs...shifts my numb mind into gear.

  3. Glad this is a writing drill, OJD. For a minute there, I thought you'd been at the controlled substances.


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