Thursday, July 28, 2011

Obama's Speech to Bypass Congress

King Obama
(Prediction:) News Flash. Camera pans to Obama at the podium. "My fellow Americans. During the recent debt ceiling negotiations, my back has been pushed against the wall.  I have been asked to make a decision.  Do I give in to the Republican Congress and sign their bill which would leave troops around the world in harms way by being unable to afford them the supplies that they so desperately need to operate on a daily basis I cut critical spending in life saving programs such as Medicare and Social Security. It is clear to me, that it would be in this country's best interest, at this time, for me to act swiftly and invoke the 14th Amendment (or Presidential Directive 51) to temporarily bypass the deadlocked Congress and proceed in the country's best interest until such time that a true bipartisan effort can submit a real remedy to our debt ceiling crisis."

I suspect the dog and pony show that consists of the Republicans squaring off against the POTUS on the debt ceiling limit will not last much longer.  Not because there is an actual Doom Date like August 2, as the pundits have been proclaiming whereby the US will go officially bankrupt. The latest reports I have heard show that there IS enough money coming into the government coffers to push the deadline back by weeks, perhaps months.

I think the vigilant stand that the Republicans in the House are taking is a smoke and mirrors attempt to redeem their worth in the eyes of their constituents all the while knowing that behind closed doors the President intends on invoking Amendment 14 or Presidential Directive 51 to declare a state of emergency and bypass the Congress all together.

Some are asking why the Republican Congress is taking a stand on such a routine issue as raising the debt ceiling when all the world is watching the U.S. for some sign of financial stability.  Being the currency of the world, when the foundation of our dollar is shaken, so too is the rest of the financial world. We're also at war with troops in the field and it does nothing for troop moral to hear that there might be a disruption in supplies if we can't fund our budget.

Why would the Republicans take such a staunch stand?  I think it's to win back some much needed public support.  I also think they fully intend on (dare I say expect) the President to bypass them.  They get to put on a good show as if they haven't forgotten who they are representing or who elected them with no REAL intention on their suggestions being acted upon.  They'll force the President's hand and in the end, the President will keep issuing debt and the Republicans can say they tried to stop it. Keep voting for us, we're still in the fight.

Let's not forget that George W. Bush paved the way by writing Presidential Directive 51 that gave the President the power to act without the approval of Congress in the case of any emergency, including economic, and allow the Executive Branch to set Congress aside for six months. Leading Democratic politicians like Rep. James Clyburn, the 3rd ranking house Democrat have publicly urged the President to bypass Congress already. The mere fact that Obama stated he will NOT use such a tactic is sufficient evidence that he will.  He has not fulfilled any promises that he said he WOULD do, therefore, we can predict that he most likely WILL do the things he says he WON'T do.  Reductio ad absurdum (proof in contradiction).

Shut up and drink the coolaid!
Presidents Clinton and George W. both set precedents on this "undefined dictatorial power" such as when Bush meandered around Congress to start wire tapping on private citizens without warrants. Yes sir, enjoy the show folks because that's all it is.  The Congress might soon be completely written out of Constitutional power and maybe even replaced by a new and improved Super Congress.

We've got to vote them all out. It's a one party, two headed system and it is beyond corrupt. The only option I see at this point is Ron Paul.



  1. If I'm right about this, watch and see where Boehner goes after the dust settles. Will he mysteriously get a nice promotion or maybe a hefty campaign donation in 2012?


  2. Definitely food for thought. It'll be interesting to see if you're right.

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