Sunday, July 3, 2011

Work in Progress...

Our first Butternut Squash ever harvested.
What a busy weekend. I am currently working on several posts-in-progress but this crazy schedule has me bouncing back and forth so here's a preview of this week's coming posts:

Seed For Security Butternut Squash update. Wifey couldn't resist picking one today. We looked up some recipes and ended up baking it in the oven. I can't overstate how ridiculously delicious this turned out. I can't wait to cook more.

My Remington 870 Knoxx Tactical. "Go ahead Punk..."
Review: Remington 870 Knoxx Tactical. I'm currently writing a review of the weapon I chose for home security. This is our only gun for now but will be adding a handgun (or two) in the future.  So far, I am VERY pleased with the 12 gauge Remington with the shock absorbing Knoxx stock.

Rainwater collected during our brief storm.
Crown Berkey Rainwater Challenge. We had a short but productive thunderstorm here in the desert. Every time we get one, I am quick to put out my home depot buckets and start catching rain. I think rainwater ran through a Berkey is the best tasting water on the planet. I just poured one bucket of rainwater in the Berkey and was surprised at how brownish-green the water was that ran off my roof. I don't know why it surprised me (given our smog problem and rare rainfall to clean the roof)  but it instantly triggered an idea of water taste comparisons. I will be conducting a taste test between Berkey filtered tap water and Berkey filtered rainwater. Knowing how well my Berkey works, I'm betting on the rainwater.

First attempt at homemade bread...yum!
Homemade Wheat Bread Recipe. I took a handful of pics while Wifey was making her first ever batch of wonderful homemade bread. You'll see the WhisperMill at work, the terrific results and the recipe that made it possible.  I already blogged about the fantastic sandwich that I conjoured up with the help of this airy yet firm bread. I almost had Wifey talked in to making more tonight but she got busy sewing one of our daughter's a new skirt for the Fourth of July.

Review: Sentry Safe Gun Safe. I finally bought a safe for my shotgun. It arrived from Amazon and I'm carefully planning a place to bolt it down. I'm having a hard time deciding on a location. I'm not just happy about the price but it also came with free shipping! No driving, no loading it up...just ding dong, here it is. Thank you!

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