Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This Just Isn't Making Sense to Me.

Anders Breivik, Oslo massacre.
Recently I've been getting a little break from work and enjoying a few days with my family at the end of each week. I steer clear of the computer knowing that any attempt to focus on a blog post will be met with a barrage of "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" from my little ones.

It does give me time to think, however, as I spend my days roaming the house looking for things to fix. I come across interesting topics that appeal to my blogging taste and file them away in my mental rolodex. This past weekend was no different and I had several topics in mind to blog about. Until this shooting massacre happened in Norway.

It could be my degree in psychology or perhaps my growing distrust in the media coupled with an increasing awareness of a global elitist one world government monster but this horrific event just isn't making sense to me.

It has already been admitted that the shooter's Facebook page was changed to include Christian and Conservative AFTER he was arrested for the shootings.  As if he was being branded...or re-branded as a certain classification of person.  Who can do that and why?

I'm hearing that the shooter is only looking at 21 years in jail for this crime "and could be on weekend parole after seven years".  How does that punishment fit the crime of killing 71+ people?

I haven't seen any footage of the shooter actually speaking to a camera himself.  There's no footage of him saying he did it, he didn't do it, nothing.  But there are lots of reports talking about what he has said.  No offense to the reporters out there but I'd like to see the man speak for himself.  Let's see his countenance as he speaks.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

Why would a man so seemingly hell bent on proving his point by plotting and then killing so many people, be so careless and lazy as to plagiarize his manifesto from that of another idiot such as Ted "The Unabomber" Kaczynski? I've read that his "European Declaration of Independence" is close to 95% copied verbatim.

Could one man really kill 90+ people? I suppose, with enough reloads but it would be much more believable if there were two gunmen.  As a matter of fact, there are news sources still reporting that there were two gunmen.  This smacks of the shooter on the grassy knoll.  Are they keeping it hushed to keep from spreading fear?  Fear that there might be another shooter roaming freely in the public?

Could it be that Norway isn't towing the line for the NWO Police State agenda? I'll be soaking up more information on this story as it develops.


  1. Yep the whole thing just doesn't make sense somehow. I mean it is of course a senseless crime but it just doesn't compute either.

  2. Coverups just aren't what they used to be.

    Thanks to the internet, it's so much harder to twist the truth. I suspect it may have been the religion of peace behind this, but they switched it out quick to make it look like a Christian conservative to keep it from being international terrorism and looking like a lone loony with a gun and radical Christian ideas.

    Either way it's very sad.

  3. Remember Marinus van der Lubbe and the Reichstag fire. Smells a lot like that to me.

  4. Really good thoughts OJD. Really good.

  5. @PP & Mudbug: it is senseless and sad.

    @Arsenius: So, you think he didn't act alone or that he is taking the fall on purpose? Maybe both.

    Marinus van der Lubbe was born in Leiden in the province of Zuid-Holland. He was born with learning difficulties, and apparently had a fascination with fire. His parents were divorced and, after his mother died when he was 12, he went to live with his half-sister's family. In his youth Van der Lubbe worked as a bricklayer. He was nicknamed Dempsey after the boxer Jack Dempsey, because of his great strength. At his work, van der Lubbe came in contact with the labour movement; in 1925, he joined the Dutch Communist Party (CPH), and its youth section the Communist Youth Bund (CJB).

    In 1926, he was injured at work, getting lime in his eyes, which left him in the hospital for a few months and almost blinded him. The injury forced him to quit his work, so he was unemployed with a pension of only 7.44 guilders a week. Not being able to live off this, he was forced to take occasional jobs. After a few conflicts with his sister, van der Lubbe moved to Leiden in 1927. There he learned to speak some German and founded the Lenin house, where he organized political meetings. While working for the Tielmann factory a strike broke out. Van der Lubbe claimed to the management to be one of the ringleaders and offered to accept any punishment as long as no one else was victimised, even though he was clearly too inexperienced to have been seriously involved. During the trial, he tried to claim sole responsibility and was purportedly hostile to the idea of getting off free.

    Afterwards, van der Lubbe planned to emigrate to the Soviet Union, but he lacked the funds to do so. He was politically active among the unemployed workers' movement until 1931, when he fell into disagreement with the CPH and instead approached the Internationalist Communist Group (IKG). In 1933, van der Lubbe fled to Germany to take action in the local communist underground. He had a criminal record for arson.

    Reichstag fire
    According to the Berlin police, van der Lubbe claimed to have set the Reichstag building on fire as a cry to rally the German workers against fascist rule. Under torture, he confessed again and was brought to trial along with the leaders of the opposition Communist Party. At his trial van der Lubbe was sentenced to death for the Reichstag fire. The other four defendants (Ernst Torgler, Georgi Dimitrov, Blagoi Popov, and Vassili Tanev) at the trial were cleared. He was guillotined in a Leipzig prison yard on 10 January 1934, three days before his 25th birthday. He was buried in an unmarked grave on the Südfriedhof (South Cemetery) in Leipzig.

    After World War II, moves by Marinus van der Lubbe's brother, Jan van der Lubbe were made in an attempt to overturn the verdict against his brother. In 1980, after lengthy complaints, a West German court overturned the verdict, but this was protested by the state prosecutor. The case was re-examined by Federal Court of Justice of Germany for three years, until in 1983 the court made a final decision over the matter, overturning the result of the earlier 1980 trial on grounds that there was no basis for it, making it therefore illegal. However, in January 2008, the Federal Court of Justice of Germany finally overturned the death penalty verdict based on a 1998 German law that makes it possible to overturn certain cases of Nazi injustice. The determination of the court was based on the premise that the National Socialist regime was by definition unjust, and since the death sentence in this case was politically motivated, it was likely to have contained an extension of that injustice; the finding was independent of the factual question of whether or not it was van der Lubbe who actually set the fire.

  6. OJD. I think he is going to be utilized as a means to an end. It's perfectly ok to be a fanatical Islamist, nobody raises an eyebrow about that. But this guy, who clearly is mentally disturbed, will be used to tighten laws against conservative , anti-immigration organizations throughout Europe. In most European countries, especially England and Germany, you can be jailed merely for saying something along the lines of "maybe immigration is not good for this country." Exactly that happened last year in England at an anti-immigration town hall meeting. The two speakers were arrested for nothing more inflamatory than suggesting that unbridled Islamic immigration to England might be having a negative impact on the culture and the economy. Both of them did time for "inciting racial disharmony."


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