Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Follow up: Oh no! Its here. What would YOU do?

Last week I published a post about Jennifer Jones, a public speaker, who was arrested at her own town hall meeting while trying to exercise her 1st Amendment.

This story has exploded nationwide. I found it on Alex Jones' site:

It an interesting turn of events, the Quartzsite Town Council held an emergency PRIVATE meeting whereby all council members voted unanimously to put the town in a "state of emergency" ie, evoking martial law.

This means the town Mayor, who out ranks the police chief, is now cut out of the loop of town administration. During martial law, the police chief is in charge.

Here is a comment left on Jones' blog:

"I do not want to see you get hurt there & they will come if they declared a state of emergency saying that you are inciting riots. It is only a matter of time until they come to arrest you & during a state of emergency, I do not think you have any rights before summary judgement is issued, and God forbid there is a sentence of death by summary execution. There is no playing around under martial law. As far as I know, immediate public executions for failure to instantly or accurately comply with orders are acceptable. Marital law/States of Emergency are no laughing matter-even the Constitution is suspended including a writ of haebus corpus is suspended meaning you are guilty because you are charged & no evidence can exonerate you."

This makes my skin crawl! I hope there are some guys in white hats coming soon...

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