Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stay a Patriot or Ex-Patriate?

I lost several hours tonight wandering through the internet. I read scores of information bantered about offering suggestions and viewpoints about worldly affairs.

An initial blurb about ex-Governor Jesse Ventura's lawsuit against the TSA and their molestive groping procedures we've all had blasted from every media source led me to investigate what it is he's planning to do about it. It appears, according to Alex Jones, that if his lawsuit fails to uphold his constitutional right to freely travel the country without unreasonable search and seizure by the TSA that Mr. Ventura will expatriate and become a citizen of Mexico.

He talked of all the freedoms we're losing as a country and how other places such as Mexico have so much to offer at a much lower cost of living. I started to wonder if I could even muster the courage to move my entire family out of the only country we've come to know and love. The only country Wifey and I have ever seen, except for a brief trip she took to Australia in high school.

The idea of expatriation somehow filtered in to my navigation through the internet and I began to find a series of other Americans whom have left their country. I frequent the blog of Lew Rockwell and sure enough, he too had an article titled "Escape from America".  In this article, the author realized as he wandered his favorite blog rolls that all their respective authors were also expatriates.  I began to reflect and realize that some of the people I had become familiar with had also left the USA.  Like Art Bell who moved to Manila and was able to continue his popular radio show from home.

Is this the trick I'm missing? Find out a way to make a living utilizing a mobile environment (blogging, radio, etc) and move somewhere that the government can't reach you? Maybe. Or maybe it would be just as smart to simply move away from the big city far enough that I can still breathe fresh air and hear a little peace and quiet from time to time.  I can supplement my amateur attempts to farm for my family with a few days of work at a local hospital each week until I figure out how to be 100% self sufficient.  I'm not ready to throw in the towel on America.

Rawles "redoubt" states.
JW Rawles recommends voting with our feet and moving to the mountain states. Ventura and others are suggesting it might be time to get out of the country all together. All I know is...I don't want to be as close to a major US city like Phoenix with neighbors parked five feet on either side of me.  I'm tired of driving around in the smog and tired of the traffic. 

The best thing about driving around in my orange Jeep is that 99% of other Jeep drivers wave as they pass.  I want to find a town where everyone waves. Am I asking to much? Friendly, courteous people, fresh air and open land with a small hospital looking for a hardworking family man trained in multiple Radiology modalities.

I feel like this is turning into a resume write up. Time for a break. Think I'll take a little drive around the block in my Jeep. That always puts a smile on my face.

Have you thought of leaving America?



  1. I just had the last bug with CommentLuv that I'm going to deal with. I have uninstalled the CommentLuv comment widget it wiped the comment section clean. Looks like we're starting over on the comments from here.

  2. Much better. Now you don't know my real name. It could be Orange Jeep. lol.

  3. I wouldn't move until I had the job, and actually been at it for a while. Even if it meant a temporary separation.

    When you move to low population areas, there are often very limited actual numbers of jobs in an area. If you move, and it does not work out, you may not have another opportunity within commuting distance.

    Try and get information (on at least a county basis) for population trends. If an area is slowly loosing people (as much of rural America is) it pretty much guarantees shrinking budgets.

    The Carolinas pulls in a lot of people looking for a better life- I have seen a fair number of people from your area over the last few years. But it can be a disaster if you are not careful.

  4. I find a few issues with Jesse's premise. First, he started his career as Jesse THE BODY Ventura right? If he doesn't want people groping and feeling his body, maybe he shouldn't have named himself THE BODY!

    Second, this isn't a case of illegal search an seizure as it's HIS choice to travel this way. He could charter a plane, take a train, or drive. If he doesn't want to get groped, he needs to find another means of travel which is just as lawful. Nobody has a constitutional right to get on a plane.

    The case that needs to be pursued here is his violation of equal protection under the law. The fact is that if he is subject to that kind of search, he should be able to subjugate the TSA agent to the same form of search.

    I'm not saying his rights aren't being violated, but he's pursuing the wrong case here. But I guess that's what potheads do. They get grand ideas that have merit but don't have the intelligence to follow through properly. Jesse will do well for himself in Mexico smoking his cheebah.

  5. I've given it considerable thought, and I sent my kids to Canada, to Vancouver, for their advanced education. I hoped they would like it and apply for residence. They did like Canada very much but came back home anyway. My brother bought a condominium in Mazatlan, Mexico and lives there part of the year, but there are issues with getting your money out of the country now. My two brothers and I are researching Costa Rica as a place to move to if the government here begins to crush the life out of the middle class to support their spending addiction. Not that they aren't already doing that but I am afraid it will reach the point that I can't support myself and my wife. Neil Strauss wrote a book called "Emergency, this book may save your life." It deals with the expatriate issue in exquisite detail. He went that route successfully but how he had to do it is eye opening.


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