Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Declaration of Independence

The Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 right around Christmas time.  Conveniently, several anti-banking Senators had already left for the holiday vacation after being assured the legislation would not be brought to vote until after the first of the year.   The rushed passing of The Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1912 allowed the United States Government to turn over all of their our money to the Federal Reserve.  In exchange the Fed would offer to "loan" the US Gov't all the money it needs in the future.

This was the beginning of the end for our economy.

In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared the United States bankrupt.  Specifically this meant there was no longer more money coming IN than what was being paid OUT.  This caught the attention of the bankers controlling the Federal Reserve.

So the Federal Reserve, being only concerned about the money, asked how the money they (the Fed) was loaning the United States Gov't was going to be repaid if the President was now declaring the U.S. was bankrupt? Forget that it is the American Taxpayers' money that they are receiving in the first place. Once they "loan" it back to the U.S. Gov't, what guarantee do they have that it will be paid back to the Fed?

So a new scam was born. It took three years to craft the scam and put it into a bill.  It was passed in 1936 under the misnomer The Social Security Act.  It was packaged and presented to the American people that this would be a retirement fund for the citizens.  As a citizen, you can supplement this fund with money from your own paycheck and together with contributions from your employer, this fund would be available to you upon retirement.  Each citizen received a unique number and this social security number would be used to pin a retirement fund to a specific individual. 

The truth is that this was a mechanism to control the collateral that the Federal Reserve wanted to secure the promise made by the United States Government to repay money received from the Federal Reserve.  So the mega banks, not only coerced their way into passing laws legalizing the passing of all funds from the United States Government (our tax money) into the hands of the greedy bankers, aka the Federal Reserve, but they also coerced their way into securing repayment of our money with the future earnings of every legal resident in America by way of privately or publicly stealing retirement funds. 

This has been going on since 1936. It is now 2011. For 75 years, the retirement pension plans have worn a very large bullseye target.  In 1993, President Clinton was advised to take $4 million from pension funds for "rebuilding the nation's roads, bridges and highways and give the economy a lift".   In May of this year, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner stated he will begin to "borrow" money from the retirement funds of federal workers if the debt ceiling isn't raised by Aug 2, 2011.

Ready for the red pill?  The bankers aren't just doing it to us...they're doing it all over the world.  Hungary, December 2010, citizens were offered a deal they couldn't refuse.  Either give up your pensions to the government or lose your right to the pension fund (but still be FORCED to contribute). The Bulgarian government came up with a similar plan to steal state pension funds.  This Irish government was late to the party but they caught on.  In 2001, a pension was established to help citizens of Ireland to retire in the years 2025-2050. By 2009, $4billion of this fund was used to rescue failing banks.  By the end of 2010, the rest of the funds were seized to bail our the rest of the country.  France did the exact same thing to the tune of $33billion Euros.

It is all about The Golden Rule. He who has the gold, makes the rules.  Once the bankers are allowed to control the government and our economy, everyone outside the banking system becomes instant peon fodder.  It is our money they're after.  Money we earned with our lives, sweat and blood, time spent away from loved ones in an attempt to make OUR lives better in the end. 

So what do we do? I'll tell you.  Take the gold away from the bankers.  There's two ways to do this: buy physical gold (and silver) for keeping at your home AND start trading and bartering locally.  Use your continuously diminishing Federal Reserve Note to buy physical, tradeable precious metals. But do so responsibly.  Don't spend all you earn on precious metals. Use some of your meager notes to purchase tangible assets. Assets that will have a return on investment to you and your family. Begin to work and trade locally and barter for the exchange of goods.  The bankers can't take what they don't have control over. If you sold your old stereo on CraigsList for cash and used the cash to buy vegetables from the local Farmer's Market, the bankers will get none of it!

I opted out of my company's 401K years ago.  I cashed in my 401K two years ago.  The only money left on the table for the bankers now is the social security tax that is forcebly withdrawn from my paycheck every two weeks. But every day I inch closer to being debt free.  The less debt I owe, the less hours I work.  The less hours I work, the more time I spend at home tilling my garden for my own food, educating my own children about self sufficiency and reducing the bleeding of my life through taxation and misappropriated funds.  There will be one less indentured servant on this planet and I will teach my children...and their children about the wickedness that has become our United States Government.

I may not be able to physically close the doors of the Federal Reserve but there will soon come a day when they will no longer be able to take MY money and loan it to Too Big To Fail bankers.  I will thrive on self sufficiency.  My children and grandchildren will thrive on self sufficiency.  And once again, as a nation of farmers and manufacturers of our OWN goods, we will TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK!

Rant over.



  1. Everything you say in your posting is absolutely true. I have converted most of what we had left in liquid assets after 2008 to tangible items, as opposed to "electronic money" that the government can steal on their whim.

    -Arsenius the Hermit

  2. Smart move on your part. Like Arsenius, my wife and I have been doing this for some time now. Keep one foot in the underground at all times. Well written post.



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