Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Relaxing Business Trip to Boise

My new job requires I visit other hospitals in our system and one of them is in Boise. Of course, I had to use my GPS just to get out of town given that we have only been here for two weeks so far. Nevertheless, once on a main highway, it was a pleasurable two hours (give or take) until I arrived in Boise.

The streets were busy but nothing like Phoenix during rush hour. More like a busy college town with plenty of traffic lights. I search for a couple of my favorite restaurants hoping that being in a larger city would show me some comforts of days past. Nope. Boise doens't have a single Schlotszky's sandwich shoppe nor a greasy Long John Silvers. Bummer. I settled for the old standby..Subway.

After an 8-5 meeting, I drove around a little to find a sign that would sum up my trip. Hence the pic in this post. I ate my Subway and headed back home. The nice thing about long drives by yourself is you get plenty of time to think. Not a common occurrence when your house is filled with nine females...



Anonymous said...

You need to eat at Big Jud's. They have a wall of fame for their Big Jud's Challenge with plenty of missionaries on it.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Dang, our closest small town has both of those.

sidetracksusie said...

Six daughters, wifey, wifey's mom…that's eight…did I miss a big event?
Work is good, so far, right? It's a good change from the work of moving, I hope.

OrangeJeepDad said...

Oops. Mistyped. Should say 8 females. Thanks Susie!

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