Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Joys of a Laundry Mat

Still no word on when our stuff will arrive.  We had to visit the local laundry mat today as our dirty clothes were beginning to pile up.

I haven't been to a laundry since the summer I spent at our family farm in Oklahoma.  I used my trusty WonderWash  at the farm house but on one occasion I took the whole pile of laundry to a coin operated place and knocked it all out in a few hours.

Prior to that it was way back in college {1990, 1991) that I frequented the local laundry facilities in our apartment complex. It was MUCH cheaper back then.

I'm posting this from my phone while waiting on the laundry but when I get back to the house,  I'll try to edit this post and add some lovely pictures of the adventure.



  1. Pictures not required, we get the picture.

  2. I want to see you putting dimes in the dryers.......

  3. It quarters or debit cards now.

  4. That stinks. Hope your stuff shows up soon!

  5. With six beautiful helpers, and a row of machines, this actually sounds ideal. It could make for the fastest family laundry day ever.

    1. It would be... if they weren't all in school when we went.


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